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Extreme frosts in Canada and warmer climates in Texas than in the wild in North America. Rain on POLO «3B Meteo

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Wild climate in North America: African upheaval expected in Europe Abnormal heat After the New Year, North America is dealing with frenzied temperatures. L’Alaska It must have been one of the coldest places on the planetary record during this period The temperature is severe It is higher than normal with variations of up to 20 C above the thirty-year average. Rain in polar latitudes As is the case in the Aleutian archipelago. On the other hand, moving downwards towards latitude Midwest Canada We find one The center of the icy wind Touched record value for the time spent at the station In Rabbitket, Ben -51,1 C Minimum temperature. Unusually cold It also affects the northwestern and western United States with temperatures much lower than normal up to California Heavy snow Up to low height. Heading east, the temperature rises sharply at intervals of a few hundred kilometers, ranging from below-average values ​​of 10 ° C to 10-15 விட C above average. Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and generally across the Middle East to Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut. Own In Texas She recorded The highest temperature of all time For the month of December with + 34.4 C from the village of Rio Grande On the border with Mexico. Canada is also above average To the whole of the Gulf of Buffin to the east Greenland Temperatures above 18-20 ° C above average are recorded. The heat gap is also incredible Between low and high temperatures, 85 C difference Although the distance is more than 2000km.

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