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D’Amigo: “Will you sign in Toronto? I’ll bring other players to Canada. Let’s deal with zero parameters.”

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Mediator in action from July Lorenzo Insine In Toronto, Andrea D’Amigo I talked to him Radio Tuesday: “Sending someone else to Canada? You have more information than I do. Our aim is to cover up until the matter is over. Let’s see what are the priority objectives of this season with property.

Dipala will also go to zero. Do they change physically?
“You have to get used to players making different choices. Sometimes they go out of their own accord, sometimes clubs are not renewed because of different strategies. Juventus took Vilahovic in January and created a transfer market. We have to get used to this situation. Europe still maintains the system in which the player card is included in the balance sheet, so the value of the performance is given by the term of the contract. “

Where do you think Dipala will go?
“A lot depends on the technical needs of the other teams. Whoever takes Dipala will have him until the last in both age and tough contract. There may be 2-3 foreign tracks like La Liga and Premier League. Newcastle will try to build a team from another league.”
To whom will Napoli go for the post name, young profile or ready post?
“He’s going to go to young profiles and then see what’s going on with Mertens. But I think Giundoli already knows what to do.”

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