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“If they don’t pay, I will kill them.”

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Former Hardcore Actress Eva Henger She and her husband and film producer Massimiliano Caroletti presented themselves on Monday morning, hand in hand, in the Ossorsio courtroom of the Assize Court of Rome, to be heard as witnesses in the trial of about thirty accused of criminal conspiracy with the aim of usury and extortion. , with the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method. According to prosecutors in the Capitoline Department for Disarmament Affairs, Caroletti and her tax adviser Luca Beveri were threatened by Francesco Sirica (known as “Opaz”, like the more famous Michele Sinez). To settle a debt of 400,000 euros, the Romanian producer had to “pay sums of money resulting from the sale of film rights to Babilonia Play srl” and from the sale of the fictional “Roma nuda”, as well as registered nightclub shares of the porn star and an apartment in Cascia owned by his wife.

Eva Henger blows out 50 birthday candles in Terni


The Caroletti spouses, after taking an oath, made it clear to the judges that they had not been threatened, nor had they been subjected to blackmail pressure. So much so that they did not constitute a civil party to the trial. In particular, the film producer retraced the story in the courtroom in the following terms: “One of the defendants lent me money to make a movie. The movie was not shot again and in the meantime he was arrested. When he got out of prison he wanted the money back, I gave him half of it, and my partner had to give the rest.” When public prosecutor Massimiliano Caroletti explicitly asked if he had been subjected to threats, the latter replied as follows: “I had some unpleasant phone calls in the evening in which he used very loud tones, but in the morning he called me to apologize”.

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Eva Henger also maintained the same line as her husband. He explained that at that time they had moved to Hungary, but for other reasons related to his mother’s health. In short, not to flee from Rome and from criminal creditors.

“I will end up in the cemetery.”

However, in the interceptions picked up by Gico’s financiers in Operation “Luna Nera,” Caroletti’s concerns were left in no doubt: “I know I’m going to end up in the graveyard,” he exclaimed to his advisor when a television report that “hyenas” were threatening to spoil the promotion of the film, which, if He succeeded, would have paid off the debt. “If they don’t pay, I’ll kill them both,” says one of the bosses instead, referring to the producer and his wife, Eva Henger, who opposes the rights transfer. Of the objections, the link with the clans is obvious. Sienna’s name was used to instill fear. “He’s my relative, you don’t have to joke,” Luigi Buonocor warns his objection. «We are talking about the head of Roma! The president rules everything », confirms Alessandro Presotti.

The group collected “rewards” for the maintenance of the Campania clan, accompanying the donations with a signed note, so that the Sienese would know they could count on them. On the other hand, the Calabrian clan was able to collect debts. He was also going to introduce an alleged gangster killer to terrorize the victims. Investigators had recovered a “drug book”, attributed to the Fabietti family, which runs part of the drug trafficking business in Tor Bella Monaca.

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