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Scream 7 – Joshua Jackson would love to return to the new chapter of the franchise

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Joshua Jackson, who appeared in 1997’s Scream 2, has expressed his desire to return for a hypothetical seventh chapter of the series, also explaining the reasons behind the incredible success of the saga.

Scream It is one of the most prolific and beloved horror novels of all time and has been captivating audiences since the 1990s. the Chapter six – He was released March 9th – It was a hit with critics and audiences and there are already rumors about it Chapter Seven Productions. Some of the historical actors of the franchise have also voiced Desire to eventually be able to return to Scream VII. Among these, no Joshua Jacksonalready a face scream 2.

Scream – Joshua Jackson and the reasons for the epic success

Joshua Jackson He became an icon in the 2000s thanks to his role in the series Dawson’s Creekwhich aired from 1998 to 2003. He later linked his name to other hit shows, such as marginAnd Relationship – a serious relationship And the first season of Doctor Death. Having become a recognizable face on the small screen, the actor has not yet managed to establish himself in the cinema, often participating in high-budget projects – in small roles – or in independent films. In the 1990s, before becoming one of the champions Dawson’s CreekHowever, Jackson appeared on the scream 2, the saga of which he is a fan and an attentive spectator. For this, during an interview with the magazine Cinepopthe actor expressed his desire to do so You will be able to return in the virtual seventh semesterHe also explained the reasons behind the ten-year success of the franchise:

Nobody called me about the sixth, but I’d like to come back on the seventh [capitolo]. I find it really impressive what they do to stay, at the same time, self-referential, contemporary, and fresh. So I will be happy to come back scream 7.

If Jackson’s wish comes true, the star will join the list of stars who appeared in one part of the franchise and then returned, years later, in another. Hayden Panettierefor example, returned to the scene, after an absence of seven years, in Sixth scream – already appeared in scream 4 In 2011. in the cast Sixth scream She was also present Courteney Cox – Constant presence of the epic since the first semester of 1996 -, Jenna Ortega And Melissa Barrera – Two heroes Screaming (5). At a historical moment when horror has returned to the fore, with revivals and sequels of historical epics or with unpublished and independent projects, Joshua Jackson’s participation in scream 7 He could then revive his career on the big screen. So all that remains is to wait updates On the possibility of developing a new chapter on troublesome institutions to ghost face.

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