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If Alexa is now working (also) in space

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Alexa will come launched into space With the mission Artemis 1scheduled for August 29 with departure from Kennedy Space Center, Florida: Amazon’s virtual assistant will be aboard NASA’s Orion spacecraft, unmanned, integrated into the the system CallistoDeveloped by Lockheed Martin which also started collaborating with Cisco.

The goal is to run tests on Alexa in space, to allow astronauts to interact with computers in the future through voice commands during flight, and On the Webex video conferencing platform. In this case, Cisco provides software and applications for remote communications between crew and users who in the future will be able to receive messages and transmit video on the ground.

Project Callisto, as it is called In honor of the nymph, maidservant of the Greek goddess Artemis3 years ago with the aim of experimenting with new ideas and technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of astronaut activity: “I envision a future reality in which astronauts will be able to access flight information and telemetry data, such as spacecraft guidance, water supply levels and battery status, through simple voice commands “, He explained Howard Ho, President of the Orion Program At NASA’s Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston.

This time around, however, Alexa will be tested as a voice interface by the US Mission Control Center (packed with huge servers and giant screens), which Thanks for the help of IPAD, will be able to talk via voice using Amazon Assistant. To facilitate communication with Callisto and reduce security risks, the device will not be connected via the cloud, But with NASA’s Deep Space Network, using a local database.

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We too can go to the moon

as part of Expedition Artemis 1Designed to return man to the moonAmazon will allow Alexa users to participate in the event on their own initiative: From home, you can follow the progress of space exploration and be constantly updated on Orion’s journey. Just say “Alexa, take me to the moon (For example, “Alexa take me to the moon”) and then ask for detailed information about the mission, the distance to Earth or data on the interior temperature of the spacecraft’s cockpit.

Not only this: Students and teachers will be able to contribute to exams on Callisto through the program Alexa for astronauts. Within this framework is the possibility of choosing to take a live tour, with limited seats, while Orion travels around the Moon. Those who are selected will be able to deepen their knowledge Technological and scientific aspects of the space mission Join Johnson Space Center scientists as they test Alexa’s skills.

People’s participation is guaranteed thanks to The tools I prepared Lockheed Martin. A special module and the Explore Orion app, downloadable from the App Store and Play Store, have been created on the aerospace engineering company’s website to send messages to Callisto. Those approved and selected Can be displayed on the device screen While the task is in progress.

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