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Neuromed researchers’ night renewed the dialogue between science and citizens

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thereResearchers Night‘Of the years Irccs Neuromed of Pozzilli (Is) has assumed an important role and also this year was European Research Night Renew the dialogue between science and citizens. As in the past, the 2022 edition also focused on youth and schools. “yesterday International Symposium on Digital Imaging Diagnosticswhich represents an opportunity to present European Euro-BioImaging Networkwhich includes the Digital Multimedia Imaging Platform (Dimp), coordinated by the Department of Innovation in Engineering and Neurophysics.” From Esfri Euro-BioImaging, Dr. Linda Shaaban, Head of Biomedicine at the Network, members of the scientific world, universities and institutions.

At the heart of the symposium are the applications and future of new digital diagnostic technologies, the frontiers that open up for the increasingly early diagnosis of diseases. But also the opportunity represented by the Euro-BioImaging Network for European researchers. “A network – said Shaaban – of 149 centers provides its technologies. The instruments often require large investments, perhaps not within the reach of all laboratories. With Euro-BioImaging researchers from different countries and disciplines can use techniques that they may not have in their own structures. The network also facilitates them by supporting them to travel to the chosen center.”

The keywords of this European network are explained Nicola Dascenzo, Head of Innovation in Engineering and Physicswho moderated the meeting – she Interaction and multiple disciplines. They are ideas, but they are also real “tools”, available to researchers to expand their horizons. They are also words that speak of dreams, the perspectives that science brings not only to professionals, but to all citizens. That is why the presentation of Euro-BioImaging as part of the European Neuromed Researchers Night represents an important step in the dialogue between science and citizens.”

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“The message we receive from our participation in this prestigious network – comment Emilia Belfiore, Head of Research and Development at Neuromed – Is this research has no limits. But I’m not just talking about geographical boundaries, which young researchers can cross to take advantage of opportunities that are otherwise hard to come by. It is also the boundaries of the sector, those that divide the different disciplines, that can be crossed to design the science of the coming years.”

Thus, the youths in the room were able to obtain a complete panorama of A scientific reality in constant development. But Researchers’ Night has always been a time to ask broader questions. “For the youth – comment Luigi Fratti, Scientific Director of IrcCS Neuromed I would like to say something very simple: Knowing, studying and sharing is not just about building your careerIt is a way of entering into the complexity of the world, a complexity that is never to be feared, but rather to be embraced.”

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