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Idris. A prophet was the source of knowledge

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IQNA – Idris was the first to write with a pen, according to reports. He was called a scholar, an intellect, and a teacher, and he was known as the founder of many sciences because of the knowledge he received from God Almighty.

Idris is one of the 25 prophets whose names are mentioned in the Holy Quran. He is a descendant of Adam and was named Yarz bin Muhalil after his father. Some historians also consider him the great-grandfather of Noah.

According to history books, Babylon was the place where the descendants of Cain lived. These people were idolaters, and they worked in bad deeds. Since most of the people of this city did not follow Idris, the Prophet decided to migrate to another land with a group of his followers. They approached the Nile River. After settling in the new land, Idris began to teach religious concepts to the people while at the same time giving instructions on urban development and related politics and laws.

He was a very humble and calm man who was most of the time silent and thoughtful. He is considered the founder of many sciences. He taught astronomy and mathematics to people. It is also believed that he spread the flag of Hikmat in Greece. It is known in Greece as Hermes Trismegistus.

The Prophet Muhammad (BPD) is said to have stated that “Idris was the first person to write with a pen”.

Idris was known as an exemplary tailor, and some sources credit him as the first tailor, noting that people wore animal skins before.

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The Qur’an refers to Hazrat Idris twice (verse 85 of Surat Al-Anbiya and verse 56 of Surat Maryam), describing him as a true, patient and righteous prophet who occupies a high position.

There are differing opinions about Idris’ fate in this world. Some narrations say that he, along with seven of his closest companions, pledged to worship God until the Almighty raised him to a high rank.

Some say that after he witnessed the sins of the descendants of Cain, Idris asked God to raise him up, and God accepted his prayer, and took the Prophet to the fourth or sixth heaven. Other sources claim that he died and ascended to the fourth heaven, while others believe that he entered heaven alive and did not leave it.

Some sources claim that Idris was born in a region of Egypt, while others refer to Babylon as his birthplace. She was called Enoch in the Torah.

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