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Ice Hockey League, Major Challenges Assessed – FISG

Ice Hockey League, Major Challenges Assessed – FISG

Sunday will be experienced in the Ice Hockey League on the last day before the national team break. Leaders Bolzano defend their lead against stalkers Salzburg in a match that promises to be the top spot. But on Sunday, another great Italian classic of one of hockey’s toughest competitions will also return. Migross Asiago will host the Wolves of Val Pusteria in a match that brings back many memories of this encounter.

Bolzano hosts Salzburg

For the second time this season, the showdown for the top spot in the ICE Hockey League will take place on Sunday between leader HCB Südtirol Alperia and number one chaser, as well as ICE champions Red Bull Salzburg. The two teams are separated by only three points, and the Red Bulls, who have already had a six-game winning streak, have played three games less than their rivals today. Bolzano clearly won the first game of the season in Salzburg at a ratio of 5:2. However, at home, he has not managed to win any of his last three games against Red Bull, so the red and white record will be tested at home on Sunday, because the South Tyrol team Simply unbeatable at Sparkas Arena. Salzburg, on the other hand, remains undefeated away from home. Out of five matches, four were won in normal time. Both teams showed no weakness on Friday. The Foxes beat Asiago 6:3 in the “Grande Classico”, while RBS beat third-place Linz 5:2.

Asiago vs Val Pusteria: The return of the honest challenge. Some news in Gelorusi list

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For the first time in the ICE Hockey League, there is a duel between Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey and HC Pustertal Wölfe. The confrontation that happened several times in the past in the Alpine Hockey League and in the Italian league, and mostly the end was better for Asiago, as happened in the semi-finals of the Alpine Hockey League 2018, which the Venice team won with a score of 3: 0 in the series. Not to mention the past years of IHL – Serie A with stars who won two of their eight Serie A titles against the Gialonieri. But the present must be written. With four victories, Asiago took twelfth place in the standings while Val Pusteria, despite his very poor start, had more victories than defeats and left the bottom of the standings. Although Brunico’s team is only two places ahead of Asiago in the standings, with an active winning streak of three matches, it is one of the most exciting teams at the moment. On Friday, the Gialonieri beat Klagenfurt in extra time with the goal of Anthony Bardaro (formerly Asiago). The star returns from defeat at “Il Grande Classico” for 3:6 in Bolzano. In the meantime, some news on Vicenza’s list. After the first match of the season in Bolzano, expert defender Stefano Marchetti will also take part in Odegar. Meanwhile, it was announced today that North American forward Mark Simpson has arrived at the star-studded home. Furthermore, the Lions have reported that they have entered into a farm team agreement with SG Cortina.
The two Venetian clubs will have the opportunity to exchange players in order to make them grow in the ICE Hockey League and Alps Hockey League. This is an important step for both companies, based on cooperation and synergy. With this in mind, the first step that goes to sealing off the new Farm team relationship involves Stellato defender Gabriele Parini, who is moving to Tofane’s shadow to play for Cortina in the Alps Hockey League.

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Photographed by Vito Di Romeo

Sunday, 06.11.2022, 16:00: HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC Red Bull Salzburg
Referees: Lazzeri, Lega, Mantovani, Rigoni. | >>PPV-LIVESTREAM <

Sunday, 06.11.2022, 17:30: Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket – HC Pustertal Wölfe
Referees: Benvigno, Beni, Basso, Pace. | >>PPV-LIVESTREAM <

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