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Ice Hockey League – Great match and many goals in Odegar but Migross loses to Innsbruck (5-6)

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After a crazy match, the Innsbruck Sharks are able to celebrate with a 5-6 win over the Asiago Lions. Migros Asiago, after a great match, once again had to leave the ice with a dry mouth.

First half: ASIAGO-INNSBRUCK, 2-3
First in Odegar with guests who instantly unlock the score with a push of a button by Mackin after a shot from Watson. At 5′ Shaw’s doubling comes in powerplay, who takes advantage of Fazio’s frequency and leads him forward two lengths. Paraso decided to replace the goalkeeper and include Falini.
The lions start grinding the game and at 7′ with a good move you gain a numerical advantage for a foul by Lattner on Salinitri. The Giallorossi plays the chance well with the extra man but fails to break through. Between 14 and 15, the featured players score twice and impact the match: first, a good choral action leads to a Finoro goal who puts a superb pass from McShane on the net, and then it is Gazzola who sends the puck into the goal with a precise wrist shot.
Immediately after another strong performance by Asiago, who did not make Innsbruck leave the third defense for two minutes, but without finding the advantage net.
Six seconds after the end, comes the home team’s joke: McCain sends Heliyuka to the goalie who puts a disc at the intersection. Everything will be rebuilt for the sake of lions.

Second half: ASIAGO-INNSBRUCK, 3-2
In the center section, the guests run again in the powerplay four minutes later with Peters beating Fallini. Two minutes later, Asiago came back down with a win by Vinoro over McCollum by placing the puck on the far post. At 8, the sharks escape again: the snake Helewka in the third from Asiago and saves, Valeni saves but the puck slips between his legs and ends behind the goal line. Stellati are not there and immediately reopened the game with Magnabosco, whose instant shot after the clash surprised Moncada McCollum. Twenty minutes to go, Paraso’s side still found the same with Vinoro, able to exploit a rebound in the finale of Salinetre and sign a personal hat-trick.

The third fracture is handled differently by the two teams with less effort. At 6′ a penalty kick for Watson but the Blacks are less determined than the first two occasions and fail to make McCollum worried. The turning point of the match came in the 13th minute, when Magnabosco was penalized in the match, which left Asiago outnumbered by five minutes. Paraso’s men defend well but surrendered at 16:05 by Helioka, who shot Falini at the crossroads. At the end of the penalty kick, the stars have one minute to try to equalize, but there is not enough time and the guests celebrate at the siren.

Migros Asiago missed another great opportunity in the closing minutes of the match and found himself forced to swallow another bittersweet morsel. The Altopiano team will now have a few days of rest before the match with Klagenfurt on Wednesday 12 October 2022, which is expected to kick off the Confederations Cup weekend starting on 14 October.

ASIAGO: Fazio up to 5′ (Vallini from 5′), Forte, Gios, Vallati, Casetti, Gazzola, Rutkowski, Parini, Rigoni F., Porco, Misley, Saracino, Stevan, Rigoni F., Moncada, Zampieri, Marchetti, Salinitri, McShane, Vinoro, Magnapusco.
Coach: Parasu
Innsbruck: McCollum (Gratzer), Jakubitzka, Hackl, Krogsgaard, Watson, Bar, Lattner, Paulweber, Shaw, Helewka, Muigg, Coulter, Winkler, Mader, Feldner, Mackin, Peeters, and Ulmer.
Coach: O’Keeffe
Referees: Triller, Offner. Men’s Lines: Basu, Pardacher.

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More shots of Serena Fantini taken on Friday, October 8, 2022 in Asiago

20221008_asiago Innsbruck 5-6 Serena Fantini 005-2

And to close the Asiago amulet: the star lion!

20221008_asiago Innsbruck 5-6 Serena Fantini 003-2

20221008_asiago Innsbruck 5-6 Serena Fantini 002-2

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