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Thirteen Lives / From a true story The movie that shines from an artistic point of view

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Beautiful, lively and realistic movie. Excellent cast, like direction and script. A true tragedy, but one we know with a happy ending, told with tenderness and passion, without words. All these things make up together thirteen lives The perfect movie to watch in August. Available on Prime Video from July 18, it’s already at the top of most popular movie lists.

History, if you look in your memory, well known. Twelve Thai kids and their young coach decided on June 23, 2018, after a practice match, to make an invasion of the caves near Tham Luang. They don’t know that heavy monsoon rains are coming, ahead of forecasts, which will render the caves unusable within a few minutes. They will be stranded for 18 days without food and water before they are found and rescued. However, not all of us know “how” they were saved, the complications encountered in implementing the resuscitation plan for children and what extraordinary solidarity movement this issue has sparked around the world.

The real heroes of the movie – in addition to the 12 boys and their coach – are a group of volunteer divers who decide to immediately go to the place to help. They dived and more than 3 kilometers from the entrance they found the thirteen boys still alive in a cave. But it will not be easy to take them to the exit, they have never used a respirator, some of them do not even know how to swim, and soon you will receive new heavy rain.

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The Solidarity Contest, which now includes the entire country and many volunteers from every corner of the earth, allows you to divert the water that seeps into the caves from the mountain, an option that is causing crop destruction for thousands of hectares downstream. . Local authorities are desperately looking for a solution, but things get complicated after the death of a Thai lifeguard, from asphyxiation, who was imprisoned in the narrow, flooded lanes.

Faced with a situation about to precipitate, a rescue operation unique in the history of cave rescues is approved by local authorities. The thirteen boys will be asleep with anesthesia and move to the exit like parcels. The seemingly absurd idea can only be implemented thanks to the arrival of experienced diving doctors. As we know from the official history, the operation was a success, it is still remembered with fondness in Thailand, and religious ceremonies and moments of thanksgiving are organized on the spot.

We were talking about the exception team. The ultimate protagonist is Viggo Mortensen, a multifaceted American actor known in particular for his participation in the Di . Trilogy the Lord of the Rings, as Richard Stanton, the expert diver who comes up with the idea – and guilt – to drug the boys. Next to him is an excellent translator Colin Farrell, translator John Volathin who promotes the organization of the mission, and Australian actor Joel Edgerton (Star Wars Episode III Zero Dark Thirty Obi-Wan Kenobi), in the role of anesthesiologist. Directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13, The Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code), theme and screenplay by William Nicholson, who we remember as a screenwriter The gladiator. But this time, everyone is grappling with the real facts, the simple people and the heroes of our time.

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