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Canada has arrested the leader of the Vox truckers who attacked Ottawa

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Tamara Lich, 47, was one of the key figures in the independence movement. He raised millions of dollars in the No Vox case. However, the truckers announced that they would retain their position despite the arrests.

In Ottawa, Canada, police arrested two leaders of protesters who had been occupying city streets for several days against Govt restrictions. The measures were based on new emergency powers issued by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s executive after a state of emergency was declared in the capital due to the continued siege of trucks and tractors.

Who is Tamara Lich

Among those arrested was Tamara Lich, 47, a leading figure in the “Freedom Series” and a spokeswoman for the movement. “We are here for the benefit of our families,” he told a news conference on February 3. A former fitness trainer and former employee of the oil industry who is the leader of the Wexit movement targeting the independence of the Western Provinces of Canada, he promoted a package on GoFundMe, which raised more than $ 10 million before being forcibly removed from the site.

Canadian trucks are not stopped

Meanwhile, authorities have warned the kidnappers that the two have maintained their position despite being arrested. “We are ready to evict illegal protesters from the streets,” Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell warned. Trudeau returned yesterday to defend the decision to impose a state of emergency for the first time in Canada’s history in the face of “extraordinary” threats to national security. According to the Prime Minister, the protesters “are a threat to our economy and our relations with our trading partners. They are a threat to public safety.”

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