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“I will stop after Real Madrid or I can coach Canada … கொண்ட Celebrate with Ronaldo, Nadal and

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From Salvador Regio

The Italian coach, after winning five championships in five different countries, admitted: I want to find time to do things I have never done before. But I like a national team. Canada will host the 2026 World Cup and the birthplace of his wife

Five titles in the top five European leagues. Like La Liga’s new winner Carlo Ancelotti, he is firmly entrenched in the legend with Real Madrid. But what is the future now for the 62-year-old coach from Regiolo? He himself spoke about this in an interview Amazon Prime: After Real S, I will stop. If the club kept me here for 10 years, I would train for 10 years. But I want to be with my grandchildren, I want to go on vacation with my wife, I have so many things to do, I have left, I want to do. I have been to many places I have never been to. I never went to Australia. I never went to Rio de Janeiro. Visit my sister often. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean you can do everything, so I have to do all of these on the day of the stop.

Then comes the question: But can someone with your experience one day coach some national team around the world? Ancelotti responds: Yes, there will be a national team, but now in advance. Certainly not for this World Cup. For 2026, why not? May be. Canada? Why not? I like it, of course. Canada performed very well. The Canadians will return to the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year after 36 years, and will co-host the next 2026 World Cup with the United States and Mexico. Ancelotti’s passion for Canada also came from the appearance of his second wife. Marion Barrena McClellanThe Canadian manager from Vancouver, with Spanish parents, was eleven years younger than him, and Carlo was married in 2014 in Vancouver.

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Could not help but mention Benzema. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, in the second leg of the Champions League, Manchester City will need his goals at the Santiago Bernabeu 4-3 in the first leg on Tuesday 26 April: Karim and one of his characteristics. Life has been continuous. He is always advanced, he has no ups and downs, he is constantly at high levels. Probably at the highest level now. Kareem should not be trained, but should not be managed. Kareem should be used. He manages himself because he is a great professional, very humble, a great player. Win the Golden Ball. But you are not only winning for Benzema, you have the strong organization of a strong club and the quality of a top team.

In these days of great joy, there was time for some celebrations and meetings. A testimony that appeared on social media and Spanish media during these hours: a photo of a party with an Italian coach and many other sports personalities (some connected with the world of Blancos): from Ronaldo de Pinomano to Luis Figo, through tennis champion Fernando Hierro, to a Merengues fan, Rafa Nadal. Location? House of Dr. Angel Martin, Founder of Menorca Clinic, Has taken care of many guests in the past. Everyone praised Carleto Starting with Milan in 2004 for a unique tour with Chelsea (2010), Psg (2013), Bayern Munich (2017) and now Real Madrid (2022). Between three champions with two different teams (Milan 2003 and 2007; Real 2014). Bob Baisley (Liverpool 1977, 1978 and 1981) and Zinedine Zidane (Real 2016, 2017 and 2018) have the same number of trophies (but they belong to the same club). A true football legend road.

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