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From the rebel Passouk to the “muse” of princes – Corriere.it

From the rebel Passouk to the “muse” of princes – Corriere.it
From Paul Valentine

He started as a TV presenter in Thessaloniki. Debut in politics, maneuvers against former socialist leader Papandreou, and arrives in Strasbourg. Suspicious flights and bags of money

They say so Eva Kylie It should be the beginning of his career Politics similarities with Eleni Rapti, Thessaloniki deputy for the conservative Nea Democratia party. Indeed, it was the desperate search for a new face to oppose the latter, the brilliant candidate in the 2004 Greek elections, that the local leaders of PASOK focused their attention on the young journalist, the popular broadcaster in mega channelstudies in architecture, international relations and economics, blonde and telegenic just like Rapti.

before the unelected

But it didn’t go well, because Kaylee She was the first to not be elected in the second Greek city. and perhaps also began his hostility towards Georgios Papandreou, who both in Thessalonica and in Patras chose the former, leaving it, Eva Kylie. Maybe I swear to herif it is true that three years later, in 2007, the Greeks returned to vote and this time I entered the Greek Parliament on the wave of more than a hundred thousand preferences, again for PASOK, Kaylee She has become a kind of bandit against the socialist leader, who has always mistrusted her.

Dirty game

For some reason, if it’s true that Kylie was the ultimate reason for Papandreou’s downfall. This happened in 2011, when at the height of the Greek crisis, the socialist prime minister decided to accept the austerity measures imposed by the European Union, under pressure from Merkel and Sarkozy, but announced that he wanted to put them to a referendum first. Called to the Nice summit, Sarkozy took it badly, but above all, Commission President José Manuel Barroso played dirty, persuading the Greek Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, to rebel and organize a revolution within the party. That was it. Papandreou received only two votes in Parliament, But before the vote to call for a referendum happened, came to him Message from a deputyAbove personal or partisan interest, I have to put the national interest. I will vote against you.” The signature was that of Eva Kaili, and it was immediately imitated by two other colleagues. Papandreou abandoned the referendum and resigned after a few days.

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Vote against Macedonia

Of all Kyle’s positions opposing his own party, the ultra-nationalist position against the agreement that put an end to the long-running battle between Greece and North Macedonia remains famous, for which Athens recognized the latter’s right to define itself as such. “Irreparable damage to the history of Macedonia (meaning the Greek region ed) and the Greeks,” said the Socialist MP at the time.


Nikos Androulakis, the leader of the remaining PASOK, who at the same time expelled the European Parliament party on charges in Brussels, defined Kyli as the “Trojan horse” of the conservative government within the PS, a fifth column that never lost its firing chance. friendly fire. He mentions the last episode of the wiretapping scandal, commissioned by the government against the original Greek opposition Watergate. Rather than condemn them, Kylie said they were nothing new or strange, and declassified them as irrelevant.


The leap into European politics occurred in 2014 with the election to the European Parliament, followed by reaffirmation in 2019 with the ascent to the position of Vice-President of the Assembly, which was announced on the first ballot with 454 votes out of 14 alternatives. Roberta Metsola
On whose behalf he handles relations with the Middle East. In Brussels and Strasbourg Kylie looked all over the place, Active in committees, evaluation bodies, parliamentary delegations, joint groups and special missions, most of all. Always ready in her speeches to support such noble causes human rights or anti-corruption. His specialty was digital and high-tech issues, and he made it clear a few days ago that the European Union should do a lot to help citizens acquire certain digital skills.

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The “Defense College” of the princes

Then, or perhaps earlier, came Qatar, the irresistible lightness of being. Little by little, Cayley became the recognized head of the Principality’s “College of Defense” in the Strasbourg Parliament. Last November’s speech was surreal, when the plenary session voted on a resolution that “regrets the death of thousands of migrant workers.” By contrast, Kylie has become a target for Qatar, which has described it as “a country at the forefront of workers’ rights,” possibly confusing the latter with those killed at work. and then, Ten days ago, I literally infiltrated the Justice Commission of which I am not a memberTo vote in favor of liberalizing entry visas to the Schengen area for Qatari citizens. Once again, when Qatar had postponed the trip of the parliamentary delegation for relations with the Arabian Peninsula at the last moment, which wanted to visit the World Cup facilities and check the changes in labor legislation announced by the leaders of Doha, Kylie was left alone to the principality where they were greeted with great fanfare, He praised the regime’s reforms, saying it represented 500 million Europeans. As Green MP Hannah Newman, who headed the delegation, commented, “I felt that something was going on behind my back. The Qataris refused the parliamentarians’ invitation, knowing that their position would be more balanced, and invited her to see what she would say.”

bag and father

See credits A suitcase full of 600,000 euro banknoteswho was carried away by a breathless and protective father from the apartment in which the venerable member lived with her Italian companion, Francesco Giorgi, former parliamentary aide to the main suspect, Pierre Antonio Panzieri. The lovely Eva and the sailing instructor, are so fit and friendlyThey were the “glamorous couple” on the bicycleAccording to a former colleague from the socialist group. Giorgi is also passionate about human rights and is also under arrest now. Beautiful and damned? The presumption of innocence is true, but Socialist MP Eva Kylie needs more than a few explanations.

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