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Monkey pox, invites scientists to share data

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To deal with the monkeypox emergency, all available scientific data and studies must be made public and freely accessible immediately, as happened to the Covid-19 pandemic: to address this appeal To editors of scientific journals scientists from all over the world, from experts from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to scientific advisers to the European Commission, passing through to scientific leaders in 20 countries including Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Israel, Japan, Congo and South Africa (although not Disclosure of the names of the signatories at the bottom of the appeal).

“A coordinated and international response is essential to halting the spread of the virus and combating the current outbreak, as well as protecting the communities at greatest risk,” the experts wrote in their open letter. “As we have seen with Covid-19 and previous Ebola and Zika outbreaks, a key component of a coordinated response is the rapid sharing of data and research results. Although we are fortunate that monkeypox virus has been so well studied and that there are countermeasures to prevent and treat the disease, this is an emerging situation. Evolving and there is still a lot to learn to keep pace with the pandemic.”

According to experts, “The world is going through a critical time when containing and mitigating the risks of monkeypox will be critical to ensuring that it is not endemic to a larger area of ​​the world and that no new animal reservoirs appear in the world. Non-endemic countries: Given the urgency of the situation, it is critically important In particular, scientists and the public are able to access data and research results as soon as possible, and this includes scientists and public health officials from low- and middle-income countries.”

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