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Let’s hope Stray wins GOTY –

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For those who write gods GOTY affiliate The Game Awards 2022 Right is meaning, i.e. nothing at all (he wrote about it because…come on, you know). It’s an industry prize for industry, for people who shake their wet hands and pat their backs, while eating caviar hors d’oeuvres, and vying to see who has the longest palm.

Rightly so, the event itself is being compared to the awards event OscarsBecause it shares the same basic rhetoric of a celebratory pop moment in which love must overcome hate, everyone must love each other and judgments must be taken as a divine word. Like the Ten Commandments, but with commercial breaks between one and the other: don’t kill, buy “Fucililegri online 3”, don’t commit adultery, buy “Barbapap√† and Talkative Son 2”, don’t steal, buy “a game that randomly makes you forget about your useless life for a while With avatars adorned with useless paid skins 4” and so on. It is mentioned because it is easy to implement and does not require much processing capacity. Enough 0 and 1. What does it mean that we would have called other games?

In the end everything is really fine. He gives it importance and that is wrong. Let’s do this: This year’s nominations are flawless. Actually, do you know what we tell you? Let’s hope Stray wins, so we’ll also establish kitten dominance in the world of video games. Maybe let’s not call it an indie game, because it has a mid-sized publisher, and Sony has pretty much done the marketing, but what will change in the end if it wins? Do you really think GOTY should win a race Best game of the year? What is the best game of the year? Did the person who decided on the nominations try them all before choosing? Have you searched thousands of editions to see which titles are the most correct? No, he just fished through the list of mainstream industry hits and built on that. There are popular games that practically all voters know and we orient ourselves to them. So the cat is fine there, because in her way he was talking too much about the title. Hence he is so cute that just hearing him meow makes your heart melt.

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Of course, every now and then TGAs can try to offer a slightly more diverse representation of the video game medium, which, reading that list, seems like only third-person action, that is, only third-person action is capable of expressing hilarious qualities worthy of competition. The Game of the Year award. But even that is, in hindsight, subtle and giving importance to something he shouldn’t have. However, obviously, we have to talk about something we’re experiencing before singularities destroy us all. So let’s really hope Stray wins, so this version of the TGA will be talked about for the next 20 years and cat owners will start to find cleaning their litter boxes less of a hassle.

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