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In Canada, a gravitational pull makes you weigh less

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If you’re feeling guilty about those pounds gained during summer vacation, we suggest you head to Canada. There seems to be a gravitational strain It keeps you underweight on the scale. Gravity is not the same across the Earth, and in this particular part of the world is slightly less than the planet.

The place in question is Hudson Bay, where Its inhabitants weigh less than one-tenth of a kilogram Compared to other people. In 2007, scientists came up with several theories to explain this strange phenomenon, which bears many similarities to the Oregon Tornado – even if it is scientifically true.

10,000 years ago, At this place there was a big ice It covered most of modern Canada and the United States. This ice sheet was slightly heavier in the Hudson Bay area, and when it melted, the ice was so heavy that it left an indentation in the Earth’s crust, giving the area less land. Less mass translates into less gravity.

The second theory is less complicated than the first: the magma that weighs down the Earth’s crust is less concentrated in the Hudson Bay region due to a process called convection, and this precisely causes the anomaly. The phenomenon in question also exists in other parts of our planet, because, as we well know, The earth is not a perfect ball But its mass varies slightly from place to place.

Of course, it must be said that the Canadian gravity anomaly is so special that it has attracted the interest of NASA scientists, who launched the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite with the aim of studying it from space. .

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