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“I want to tell their truth”

“I want to tell their truth”

It was presented yesterday afternoon, Thursday, October 26, 2023, in Milan brotherthe new short film by Federico Moccia produced by Orange pictures And Adler Entertainment In cooperation with Motorola. author three meters above the skyAs well as a film director such as Sorry but I call you love And Love 14used some of the brand’s smartphones to create a short film that recalls its successes in terms of protagonists and themes.

in the middle brother Actually there are some Young children of the so-called Gen Z, digital natives for whom a smartphone is almost an extension of their arm. Between love, disappointments, excitement and even some tragedies, the short film traces their stories told through the lens of the phones themselves. The scenes were filmed with the same equipment as the heroes brotheris more important than ever in economics not only to story but also to social life today.

The cast includes famous faces such as actress and influencer Jenny Di Nuccilaunched by the reality show the college He is the hero of the latest series of Rai’s novels, which are widely followed One step from heavenAnd Eleonora Jagerowho has directed some television series for DisneyBut also some Follow Motorola, who were able to apply to participate in the casting process via the brand’s social channels. To talk about the project, We interviewed its author.

Interview with Federico Moccia, Director brother

How was this project born?

I came up with an idea based on some considerations I made about how mobile phones are today’s photography, the trusted friend of young and old, everyone has their secrets and stories, their photos and movies, the moments they stare at. I thought to myself: Why don’t we try to tell something with mobile phones as well, like cameras? I took it to Orange and Adler who contacted Motorola and were immediately excited about the initiative. We looked for children to tell their stories. They also became real photographers, and they were the ones who filmed these scenes with their phones.

Did these young people provide any specific input on the use of technology and stories to tell?

It is natural that this is in their blood, but they do not realize it. They subconsciously created beauties. We worked to tell a story, make it vivid and relevant in the most appropriate way, also through terminology. I always like when they dress it up in a way that makes it something natural, even though there’s a script, without anything being forced or credible. I don’t like to get too attached to the text, but rather to the atmosphere and the moment I want to tell.

The lights and shadows of technology stand out from the short film: one scene in particular tells of alleged sexual violence filmed on phones.

I have noticed in many interviews and articles that you never understand where the truth lies, it is always very difficult. I wanted to give this due attention to the young ones, to tell them the truth and explain that sometimes they do not realize how things of a certain kind can become an intolerable burden for a person. The problem with mobile phones is that they enter social media and the Internet, and gain a different resonance than they did in the past. You have to understand that when you shoot you have a weapon in your hand. Sometimes the stupidest thing is done lightly, like when someone gets hit, we have examples of bullying. The footage is broadcast on all channels, watched by millions of people, and suddenly the boy finds himself crushed under the heavy weight of notoriety. It is important that they know how to evaluate it.

Millennials have been talked about in books and movies, and now they’ve moved on to Generation Z. Have you noticed any major differences between the two?

How the new generation lives in the digital world, and their ability to learn, stay connected, know a lot and be curious. A mobile phone, as always, has both positive and negative sides, and it is the same use that a knife can sometimes be made of. You can use it to cut up pork to serve to diners, or you can threaten someone. Today’s youth are amazingly capable in this sense, but they become “adults” too quickly. to Children aged 12 or 13 have already seen and tasted virtually many things that they often have not experienced in the same way before, because their maturity times are different.

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