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Fast and Furious, part of Rome is closed for filming

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The streets of Rome will be closed for 48 hours, as the new Fast and Furios movie is being filmed, and the roads will be closed.

Fast and Furios strada – Motori.News

Rome becomes a resume scene a international movieThe Capitoline City You will be hosting a photoshoot Fast and Furious 10. The movie will have some scenes in the middle cityWhich will definitely enrich the recovery scene in the best possible way. Let’s see all the information we need to know, if we are in Rome.

All info if we were in Rome during filming

Hollywood land in Italian capitalAnd Rome So it will host some scenes from the tenth movie of fast and furious. there city Getting ready for all this, blocking some areas Public transport And Spreadwith great effort. Vin Diesel Producer and protagonist Movie maybe look at Eternal City Suitable scenography for him long storywhich has always been known among lovers sports cars.

The 6 And May 7 There will be a photoshoot MovieLet’s see which roads the film will travel. The area will cover the extension from Lungotevere aventino Until Via del Teatro Marcello. Will move to pass this stretch of via de FunariAnd Via degli Astalli And Campetelli Square. So there will be more than a dozen roads that will be closed Romanian traffic.

Actor Jason Mamua
One of the heroes of the film, Jason Mamua –

attention Because traffic closed to bus On some roads it started, that is, it will be there since 5 until the May 9. The bus They will not be able to generalize Via dei Fiori ImperialiAlso, some lines will suffer from deviations. The lines that will be subject to changes will be 51And 75And 85And 87And 117And 118 And megabyte. megabyte It is the shuttle that replaces trains metro b at nightranging from Castro Pretorio In the Laurentina.

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Another thing to remember is stop ban during the daybehind the place where it is Movie. Parking is forbidden a Largo Corrado RicciAnd Cunevia Colosseum And Via dei Fori Imperiali. Parking will also be prohibited in via Anibaldi. In short, if you find yourself in Rome It is better to leave the car and go on foot, you will definitely not have any problems.

The group will not only belong to Rome

Film shooting
A screenshot from the movie Fast and Furios –

Rome It will not be the only area in Lazio region which will appear during MovieAnd Fost & Furious 10. AI photography will also be rotated roman castellimore precisely on the streets GinzanoThe 16 And May 17. All Italian fans of long story We can really dream, to see the last movie that was shot in Italy, and surely he will not miss the show, because we will find ourselves in front of a panorama Rome.

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