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A review of The New Madman’s Madness by Quentin Dubeux

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Quentin DuboisThe cinematic vanity of the musician Mr. Oizohe is Unstoppable. And his formula is, from a certain point of view, simple, rewarding and helping to increase their productivity. Stories built around small ideas that open up from limited intuition to ever wider worlds. A bit like the principle of nesting dolls, but in reverse.

In the beginning there was Noun moviewhich gave way to the deadly chewing gum an eraserviaticum for other oddities, which have now become cult among movie lovers, such as Faulty copsAnd the double lacingAnd the IndeedAnd the lower jaw And today this Smoking causes a cough (Transformation Turn back to me Unbelievable but true). The standard is always the same: Introducing an element of absurdity into everyday life that generates increasingly absurd situations in a chain reaction of unexpected events, between the comic and the a series of genres where, however, everything works effectively.

Smoking causes a cough It begins with a family getting into a car in a fight between members Superhero team “The Force of Tobacco” it’s a Insect-like creature. They are, in fact, the protagonists of the film, which brings it together Gummy icon In the power Rangers with the Stylistic features of science fiction of the third genre of the 60sto a typical structure of Anthological horror for once.

At the end of the battle, in fact, which ends with the monster being slashed to scattered pieces, the superheroes (incl Anais Demoustier And the Vincent LacosteThey are pushed by their leader (A foam mouse that excreted Green slime when he talks) to me Take time off to boost team spirit. Retreating inside a sort of ping-pong ball on the shore of a lake in which a base is hidden with everything (including a 24-hour personal grocery store), these unique superheroes have a good idea to pass the time by telling Scary stories about fire.

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Every story told comes to life The short films are irresistible in their senses and mix elements of horror but also with a high proportion of slapstick comedy.. Those who are already familiar with Dupieux cinema already know, broadly speaking, what they will encounter, even if the beauty is See what new weirdness this amazing and wonderful French director has come up with.

For those who don’t know it yet, not only is the fun guaranteed, you’ll be amazed in front of them An enthusiastic and childish imagination. For Dupieux’s greatest value is the apparent simplicity with which he manages to conceive, plan and They understand even the wildest thoughts.

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