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I smiled with the astronauts when the Amazon warehouse collapsed due to Hurricane

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At least six people were killed when the roof of the multinational facility in Illinois collapsed. But the director’s condolence message – “I am sad” – was hours late, and after it was posted in celebration of Blue Origin’s new flight.

We don’t call it shitAnd so do not even the American media, but more for one Respect for the victims of the hurricane that struck the United States Than not to be vulgar. But a social storm hit the world’s richest man yesterday (Or maybe it’s the second nowAnd it’s hard not to share indignation–which sometimes leads to anger–over what we can define at best Bad timing in Jeff Bezos’ posts. Digital has memory, so the footprints of what we do remain: at least Six Amazon employees have died In the collapse of the roof of a warehouse in Illinois, the steam master – Now he is no longer the CEO of a multinational company But he’s still the master of his dad – he’s been posting delightful pictures on Instagram Greetings to the “pioneers” before 10 minute trip into space.

After only several hours, 11 to be exact, the computation was made between the posts on the two platforms, Bezos on Twitter was said with The ‘broken heart’ of the Edwardsville victims. While it is true that everyone has their own priorities, at least the priorities of a very prominent man should be communicated with greater interest. Especially if you have 3.6 million followers on one side (Instagram) and 3.3 million followers on the other side (Twitter): It’s hard to think that what you’re doing goes unnoticed. The first tweet was immediately followed by a second, a possible sign of nervousness because Bezos and his crew knew they made it big. But let’s stay with the facts, e.g. as he tells them New York Post.

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Around lunchtime in Italy, airline Bezos Blue Origin launched its new sub-orbital flight with On the plane among others Former NFL player Michael Strahan and Laura Shepherd Churchley
Daughter of the first American astronaut, Alan Shepard (was 1961). For a few hours, news agencies have been reporting on the tornado that hit Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois, the state that caused the roof of an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville to collapse. They will be as a hurricane passed About 100 employees in the warehouse – that it was open, they say, ignoring the bad weather warning that was issued – while they worked overtime at Christmas. From these after that, as the hours go by 45 were snatched alive while at least six there was nothing to be done. And while Bezos joked with the astronauts on their return -“I’ll make you pay for the next round‘- messages of indignation accumulated on his Instagram account first (“Hey, your warehouse collapsed with people inside and you don’t care”) and then on Twitter. “You really really are,” wrote a user commenting on TV images of smiles and hugs upon the return of the spacecraft.

“You’re embarrassed” He writes Twitter user and another Dice “Barely in control of his anger” sees Bezos indulge in his own polluting releases while his employees are dying. The wave of messages continues, and among them we found one about a paradoxical case, for which Bezos is certainly not responsible, but he will say it (if confirmed) well. cold chain logistics Which runs the operations of a giant like Amazon. A Facebook employee writes about how the Amazon Resource Center records it He missed the transformation in the destroyed warehouse From return: “I was there but the police told me to go home. And so they replied from Amazon that if I wanted to remove the report, I had to talk to HR at the repository. But they are all buried there!».

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Finally, let’s make a hypothesis starting from the assumption that Jeff Bezos is certainly no fool: it was not his lack of sensitivity, but rather his Lack of information. Centered and happy as he was in the new phase of his personal space race, one might think that his men and women, those of his closest entourage, would prefer Wait to warn him of the tragedy unfolding in Edwardsville. Which they later did, in hindsight, believing that certain words of condolence issued by Richard Rocha on behalf of all Amazons were sufficient. A mistake that would make someone’s day unpleasant. But definitely better than the families of Amazon warehouse workers and More than 100 victims of the hurricane. Which may not be enough Bezos doubling the condolence tweet.

December 12, 2021 (changed December 12, 2021 | 12:30pm)

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