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The new 2023 Ford Explorer is the first of several new SUVs, including economy, for a major relaunch.

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the new Ford Explorer 2023 It is the first result of technological and industrial cooperation between Blue Oval and Volkswagen. The SUV is based on the Meb modular architecture, developed by Wolfsburg, which has given rise to various models such as the Volkswagen ID series and the Audi Q4. Thus, Ford is able to reduce the development time and cost of the large battery-powered model. Let’s see the details:

  • What does the new 2023 Ford Explorer SUV look like?

  • Ford Explorer 2023 and beyond: news and predictions

What does the new 2023 Ford Explorer SUV look like?

The 2023 Ford Explorer shows a 4.47 meters longlocated between puma and the Kuga. Aesthetically, it features a design that reflects the stylistic features of classic SUVs with a muscular character inspired by American models. The line is characterized by taut vertical elements, muscular sidewalls and an aggressive family style, accentuated by a large shield that wraps around the front and light clusters, on which stands the emblem of Ford’s new electric brand, the Ford Model E.

Interior features Innovative and technological elements, with a linear dashboard on which the soundbar and Sync Move 2 infotainment system are proudly displayed, and equipped with a 15-inch mobile touchscreen, positioned so that the driver can easily see it. The system offers voice assistants, OTA software updates, wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay devices, and wireless charging.

Interior designs for Ford Explorer It provides a storage compartment between the seats, also capable of holding devices up to 15 inches. Passenger comfort is ensured by heated front seats, steering wheel and massage function for the driver. The Explorer seats up to five people and offers a trunk with a base capacity of 450 liters.

Ford expected the Explorer to be available in Rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, but did not specify which powertrains would be available. Powertrains from Volkswagen models can be used on the Meb platform, with powers ranging from 170 to 299 hp, combined with batteries with capacities of 52 and 82 kWh and capable of recharging from 10 to 80% in just 25 minutes by means of DC charging.

Ford Explorer 2023 and beyond: news and predictions

The new 2023 Ford Explorer will be produced in Ford Cologne Electric Center, a gigafactory located on the site of the old Blue Oval factory in Germany, which will also be involved in the production of new generation batteries. The car will be available in two trim levels, Standard and Explorer Premium, and will go on sale from January. Prices will be announced during the summer.

A crossover coupe based on the Meb platform will also be released in 2024, along with the The new Ford Puma Produced in Romania, which could be the other model that is able to differentiate itself for the balance between quality and price. This is part of Ford’s sustainable development plan, which provides for the conversion of other European factories and the gradual abandonment of internal combustion models.

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