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Stories “Valerio Lundini – When the patch is better than the hole”. video

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A new theatrical tour, a film in perspective, still music and the daily life of the radio. Comedian and host speaks to Sky Tg24 Deputy Director Omar Schillaci in the upcoming episode of the Interviews Series dedicated to entertainment champions.

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And Valerio Lundinithe protagonist of the new episode of “stories”A course of interviews with the main translators of the show by Sky TG24. Guest deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper Omar ChilatiDirected by Francesco Venottothe comedian and presenter talks about himself in it “Valerio Lundini – When the vamp is better than the hole”On air Monday 8 May at 21 on Sky TG24 It is always available on demand.

After two tours in the major arenas and in the major Italian theatres Valerio LundiniIt became a cult phenomenon with the success of the programme A piece of Lundini, returns to the stage with his highly successful show Explaining Manspelling to My Daughter starting May 11 at the Teatro Ambra Jovenelli in Rome. “Last Work” after three years around Italy. “It’s an offer I support regardless of my economic return. That is, if it were someone else, I would have said: “Go and see!”entitled “.It was randomly selected.”There was a rush to find a title because they had to present programs in theatres. So I said, “Make it clear to my daughter,” because where I was was sly. They told me it worked. Among other things, there is also the book “Explaining Racism to My Daughter”, which I don’t even remember, so there is an involuntary cultural quote. But the show is not at all about extravagance, or about girls or about me explaining things“.


Stories “Gabriele Moschino – Family Lexicon”. video

Sarcasm and nonsense in his unmistakable style, in a chat that relives some stages of his life and career. With the help of the musical playlist he has chosen for the occasion, from Oasis to The Verve, passing by Gannacci and Conti, we start from his childhood and the place where he lived: “In a house in Rome in one district Then we moved with my parents a kilometer away to a slightly larger house with a balcony. There was a promotion, in fact a brother was born to me, from my point of view, a son from the point of view of my parents. TV First Approach: “As a child, I watched TV a lot and liked quizzes and shows. I really liked the Yes or No quiz with Claudio LippiThen the school and the university: “I went to law school because I didn’t know what I should have done after high school, but I didn’t. I changed because for me it was a desire to put off adolescence. I’m still going to college so they’re happy at home,” I said. I did letters because it was easy.” Then love for drawing and a diploma from the School of Comedy and Music (“I’ve been playing with “I VazaNikki” for about 15 years nowand cinema:The comedies that probably influenced me the most were The Naked Guns saga and all the Mel Brooks moviesAnd the third movie to be released as an actor: “From the works of Alessandro Bardani, the first work is entitled “The Most Beautiful Century of My Life”. Me and Sergio Castellitto. So if something goes wrong with the movie, it’s my faultThen the radio, among others, as the author of “Sei uno zero” on Radio Due with Lillo and Greg: “Whom do I owe more of the two? I think Greg called me on the radio but Lilo could have said well “what does this have to do with him here”, instead he didn’t. So suppose I owe them both.” But in his career there are also two books of stories, the co-management of The other festival and participation as a guest at the Sanremo Festival with Fulminacci (will i be back If they call me, I’ll go, as long as they tell me 24 hours before peak time). is a dream:I would like to enjoy life. It’s a phrase my friend Carmelo said when he bought a recording studio despite not being a musician, and it’s become my motto. This doesn’t mean getting drunk every night but doing the things you love might pay well“.

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Stories “Claudio Baglioni – With All My Heart”. video

During the broadcast of the interview, a QR code will appear that will allow, by framing it with the camera of your smartphone, access to a series of special content dedicated to the artist, available on the website All ‘Stories’ interviews are also available on the Sky TG24 podcast on the website and on major podcast platforms.

00- Stories- Papaleo


Stories “Rocco Papaleo – Singer-Songwriter in Cinema”. video

STORIES: “VALERIO LUNDINI – WHEN PIZZA IS BETTER THAN A HIT” was broadcast on Monday, May 8 at 21.00 on SKY TG24 (Sky 100, 500 and DTT channel 50) and is available on demand and on SKYTG24.IT

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