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Russia could endanger world science

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The invasion of Russia forced a million people to flee Ukraine, leaving everything behind. All this causes many problems for the population, but not only: there are also problems that we haven’t seen yet but that may emerge in the long run, especially with regard to science.

So let’s see all the scientific research projects that this war could cause serious problems, from the most recent collaborations all the way to the ones that have been going on for years.


ITER It’s the biggest integration experiment to date: 35 countries are cooperating with it, and it’s been around since the Cold War. It’s always been a project of the paranormal in terms of politics (even if the International Space Station is, however threats flow) but it’s not certain that everyone has still been able to work on it in a proper way.


The European Space Agency immediately condemned Russia for the actions it carried out, essentially condemning the mission ExoMars At least two more years to wait: the launch will be scheduled in a few days, but its fate seems clear.

International Science Council

This non-governmental organization dedicated to scientific reseach As a public good, but it still goes against Russia by accusing it of. He has not made any decisions about possible cuts, so he will leave the possibility of everyone collaborating on the project, but the position taken may lead to consequences.


The CERN He has not yet spoken about Russia: The home of the largest particle accelerator has said nothing about it, except for a dry sentence uttered by a spokesperson who spoke of not knowing what effect the option to attack Ukraine could have on the project.

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On the International Space Station, threats begin instead: Show a video of a small kind the threat Veiled Russia aims to separate its unity. This will result in no electricity in the unit itself, while the rest of the station will fall to the ground.

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