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V. Francavilla, Edda absent, Solcia space

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Solcia, photo by F. Miglietta

Virtus Francavilla is working up to challenge Audace Cerignola on Sunday night.

After the insult suffered in stoppage time in the home match against Potenza, the blue and white must look forward because in any case the Lucanian team played a good game despite the many absences and Cardoselli’s injury. In fact, Paterno, Pierno, Avila and Ida are absent, who will also be absent in the next race because he must serve the second round of elimination. Replacing the experienced defender was and will be Daniel Solcia, who turned 22 on March 7.

Solcia was among the best on the field in the equalizer against Potenza and at the end he commented:

“I always see the cup as half full despite the irony in the final. In my opinion it was an excellent match on our part, in terms of strength and also in terms of play. There is more games within a match, and the first half was more exciting than the second. However, we showed that we are Always on a starting point and that we have a defensive solidity that has only been overcome in an episode against us, but we put in an excellent game.”

For the match with strength, Calabro finds Avila and Pierno but will still have to lay off not only Ida, but also the injured Paterno and Cardoselli and hope to win back striker Carlson.

So the attack is expected to be confirmed by Maiorino and Murilo.

The goal is to repeat after the good win in Avellino.

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