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I hate the weather, now the anger of the Italians against everyone is unleashed »

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Italians anger against the weather According to some estimates, as many as 29 million Italians, not a large number of them, have left their paws for holidays even for a few days or longer periods, at sea, in the mountains and abroad: many answered our surveys: “If only I could take a tour of the solar system.”

After those short periods of closure, but which are seen as very long and difficult endless closures, after those short periods of deprivation, but actually very severe of restaurant closures and curfews, young and old alike eat and drink as if there is no tomorrow , no matter the excesses, you know, it hurts, but it’s good … there is always something worse …

And it does not matter that, thanks to the speculations of the recent war in Ukraine, prices have risen like never before, so electricity, gas, gasoline, travel and food cost much more than before. And the same restaurants who cried in the plazas to reopen during the shutdown, collapsed from too much work as well as from the heat, unable to find staff for their activities, and blamed citizenship income, which is about that, you know, only in part.

And while Europe tells us that it has decided the worst sanctions ever against Russia and that it wants to set a ridiculously fixed price for gas and Bertolio, the ruble is rising sharply and Russia is getting richer; While the eventual transition to the electric vehicle by 2035 is set as a panacea for all evil, India and China are taking back the land and establishing themselves as new empires in the 2000s, hydrocarbon consumption is on the rise and is now raising carbon dioxide on the planet and thus warming temperatures. planet, causing problems in the chain.

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23 years ago when this site was born, errors in predictions were more serious and pervasive, because international mathematical systems were in fact primitive, at the dawn of the technological revolutions of the new millennium: and if for some reason it was a weekend instead. From the rain it was brighter, we partyed and toasted and thanked we arrived because we spoiled the expectations.

Today, in that individual whirlpool dominated by social networks, hate and post-coronavirus anger, incorrect expectations are seen as massive personal damage, almost being offset.Because due to the weather we didn’t have as much fun as we would have liked. The It is really fun and no longer an achievement!

Unfortunately, today, due to some foreseeable errors and with rain that did not reach some areas, arrived early or late, many wrote to us, insulting us, but we never came to read such atrocities. We used to read phrases like you give yourself to a horse race, or even something cliched like cold put it in this place, to put it mildly, but today we never thought of reading the following.

Like Marcello Poci, Email: marcello.poci@h******.it Phone number: 34937 *** 74 He writes to us this morning: I also wonder if your mother had nothing else to do that day but to come To ** to give birth to incompetent bitches like you…but do you realize the bitches you write?

Then there are many others, but Marcello is precisely the emblem of the lowest level to which many Italians have been reduced.

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