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There’s a movie that scares you and makes people vomit in the cinema: Terrifier 2

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Costing just $250,000, it has already made over $1 million. It makes people who go to see it feel bad.

he is called terrifying 2, which is the sequel to a low-budget indie horror movie, and it makes people who go to see it feel bad. Literally. There are very different diseases in the room: vomiting, nausea, headaches, panic attacks. It’s a scary movie because of its many “terrifying” scenes, in fact. Variety talks about the movie as a real surprise on Halloween. If you have no news about the first volume of the movie, here’s a brief explanation: Art the Clown is a dark character who roams the streets of Miles County dressed as a clown and every night of Halloween enjoys mercilessly slaughtering anyone he meets on the street.. Chapter two is the same: The art of the clown is not dead and continues to be slaughtered.

Why is Terrifier 2 so scary

The film cost only $250,000 and spent less on advertising. Diversity speaks of a number close to “zero”. Only word of mouth and social newtork. Little miracle. Oral words about what the film generates for viewers who go to watch it increases interest in the film, as has happened in the past with films like Paranormal Activity or, to go back in time, The Blair Witch Project. Everyone who watched the movie fainted, vomited in the hall, felt sick. Pictures of wheelchair-bound spectators receiving medical treatment outside the screening of “Terrifier 2” soon went viral on social media.

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Director’s words

Damien Lyon, the film’s director, told Entertainment Weekly, “I think it’s kind of a Medal of Honor because it’s such an intense movie, but I don’t want people to lose consciousness and get hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal.” Then he said, “The movie is called Terrifier 2. You should probably watch Terrifier 1 first and after you see it, you know what you’re getting into. There’s a scene of a crime committed with a chainsaw, everyone is talking about now. We tried to rival that scene, to play it again because our fan base is really strong. They put Art the Clown on a pedestal, really.” The movie ends on cliffhanger: Terrifier 2 apparently.

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