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Covid, Germany towards lockdown? Minister of Health: We are at a stage where we should not rule out anything

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Covid’s grip on Europe does not tend to wane Germany The situation seems to be getting worse every hour and in Austria Decided to close on Monday. “We are at a point where we should not rule anything out,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn said, in response to a question about why Germany was not immediately closed. In light of the tragedy of the epidemiological situation. Europe in general has been “privileged” for weeks now as it led the rise in recorded infections, but there are some countries that are having a harder time. in Germany yesterday Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to announce the Three Thresholds Strategy Today, the minister’s intervention arrived.

“the situation is dangerous , It’s more dangerous than last week. The dynamics of infection is not interrupted. In four weeks, the rate of infection with the virus has increased fivefold,” Spahn continued at a press conference in Berlin with President Robert Koch Institute. Spahn cited the antiviral measures decided yesterday.It will have to be implemented and monitoredIn the meantime, just yesterday, the German Specialized Committee on Stiko Vaccines updated the information on the so-called booster, Recommended for all over the age of 18. A crap leaked from the board meeting in several German media outlets that reported the news. The final official statement is not ready yet.

“We can never waste time,” said the association president. Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wheeler, in an exciting appeal at a press conference in Berlin with Health Minister Jens Spahn. “We have to reduce communications to slow down the dynamic,” he added. Every day 10,000 people are infected in our country. In a quarter of the German provinces, the infection rate was more than 500, in 12 of these more than 1,000.” Wieler does not use half-measures: “All of Germany is a major outbreak. We are in a state of national emergency. The emergency brake must now be appliedFor Wieler, imposing “2G” where the hospitalization rate exceeds 3 patients hospitalized by Covid out of 100,000 residents “is no longer sufficient” in the current situation. Communications must be significantly reduced. In the meantime, he agreed The Bundesrat, the German upper house, on the new restrictions package.Despite expected opposition from the conservative bloc, which dominates the lower house in which 16 Lander is represented, the package, approved by the Bundestag yesterday, passed unanimously.

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epidemic in Russia 1,254 people have died in the past 24 hours, the highest daily number since the health emergency began. The Corona Virus Crisis Center reported that the total deaths rose to 261,589. According to the data of the Crisis Center, 2.83% of Corona virus patients died in Russia. The situation in Russia and other European countries has been tragic for weeks: in many countries, the proportion of the vaccinated population is very low. At the same time France The number of classrooms in schools closed due to the pandemic rose sharply in the past week and set a record since the beginning of the school year in September: 4,048 classes, and the ministry announced 0.8% of classrooms in the country for civic education. The previous record was on September 16, when 3,300 classes were left at home.

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