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In the future of Mercedes, there is no place for station wagons: they will be gone by 2030

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Motorists’ tastes have changed in recent years, and the days when cities were crammed with German station wagons are now over. Now is the age of SUVs and crossovers, and there is less and less room for tall sedans. Mercedes has been watching the trend, and it seems that Station wagons will disappear from the Silver Arrow collection.

The news comes from a report by Car Week, which informs about the intention of Mercedes Stop showing station wagons by 2030. That option will start to take shape with the CLA Shooting Brake being phased out when the new model comes out in 2025, with the E-Class to follow, and also without a station wagon pending in 2030.

It also turns out that the idea was up in the air from the current range, with the C-Class All Terrain, the version most widely used for Adventure (it seems the Mercedes C-Class All Terrain can also resist off-road jumps) only being sold in Europe because it doesn’t have much demand in the markets other.

Moreover, we must add that last September, Markus Schaefer, CEO of Mercedes, spoke specifically of the apparent decline in interest in the respective segment, with consumers increasingly anticipating SUVs and crossovers. To this we must add the significant investments that Mercedes (and also other car manufacturers) are making towards the world of electric mobility (by the way, look at the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX, the EV that promises an autonomy of 1,000 km), then all the strengths of the company will be concentrated manufactured on the most important segments at the moment, which does not include the station wagon segment.

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