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I feel like a woman, signed a women’s tournament without any evidence and broke the record

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Controversy in Canada over Avi Silverberg’s participation in a female powerlifting competition: By default, it was enough to declare that she felt like a woman. Breaking the previous record.

A bearded man Showing up for a match Female powerlifting, declares that she feels like a woman, allowed without problems, and in control. He then went on to win hands down, destroying even the tournament record. A surreal story that took place in Canada is causing a lot of discussion abroad, which is closely intertwined with a very heated debate. The right of transgender athletes to participate in trials for women.

The debate culminated when American public opinion was divided over swimmer Leah Thomas, who came out as transgender in 2018 at the end of high school after swimming in boys’ competitions since age 5. Leah won competition at the collegiate level, becoming the first trans athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship (the first in college sports) in any discipline in 2021, placing first in the women’s 500 yard freestyle.

Controversies raised by opponents of the right to anyone competing in the sport – regardless of their gender identity – are other competitors on the premise. Typical range of competition. A study from Marquette University has actually demonstrated that hormone replacement therapy does not reverse the major advantages that men gain during puberty: longer bones, internal organs (heart and lungs) and larger limbs (legs and arms).

Avi Silverberg is a Canadian powerlifting coach: she competes among women

Avi Silverberg is a Canadian powerlifting coach: she competes among women

It is in this background Avi SilverbergA well-known powerlifting coach, She provocatively decided to compete in a women’s bench press competition in Alberta, Canada, breaking the record previously held by a trans woman, the latter element was unacceptable to her. He was able to do it with discipline.

Silverberg was Team Canada’s head powerlifting coach for more than a decade. A video from the 2023 Heroes Classic in Lethbridge — in which attendees watch her compete among the women in amazement — has gone viral, reigniting the debate. It’s easy to see how his participation in the race was A fight against the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s self-identification policy. It’s a line in women’s powerlifting that any person who identifies themselves or identifies as a woman can compete..

Therefore, according to the CPU regulation, no transformation methods or hormone treatment are required to prove that you are a woman to participate in women’s competitions, a simple statement is enough. So no one could resist Silverberg’s request to enter the competition organized by the CPU identifying herself as a woman..

A video shared by the Freedom Council for Women’s Sports, a group of women activists fighting for “”.Women’s access to fair competition, respect and dignitySilverberg showed up on stage in casual menswear and a full beard as the trainer bench pressed nearly 300 pounds, breaking her previous Alberta women’s weight class record by 100 pounds. In doing so, Silverberg bursts into Ann Andres, a trans weightlifter (act below).The coach of the Canadian team was called a “Cowardly and intolerant“.

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