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Hypotheses related to the murder of the Russian blogger –

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Head of Wagner Prigozhin, very close to Vladlen Tatarsky, assumed the hand of internal radical circles | Military point 416

The murder of Vladlen Tatarsky in St. Petersburg is like the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter. Same arena, national world. Same gun, same device. The same perpetrator is a woman. However, everything is mired in a swamp of uncertain facts. who struck her flag, He hides behind his own smokescreen But at the same time, it takes advantage of the version provided by the many versions.

The arrest of Daria Trepova, the wife of an anti-war activist, was announced Sunday night after she was arrested for demonstrating against the invasion of Ukraine. The perfect profile to instantly frame a story and push it toward an underwhelming story. They corrected on Monday morning that she was wanted and eventually confirmed her arrest. Meanwhile, the police searched the house, and then questioned the mother and sister for the items. Moscow authorities believe the attack was orchestrated by Ukrainian intelligence Supporters of opponent Alexei Navalny help him. As usual the quick conclusion, from the system, this is it Quick to present the header to the audience When you are embarrassed by a security breach. Assault on freedom of the press, summed up the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has engaged in recent days to defend herself against accusations of the arrest of the American correspondent of the newspaper. Wall Street Journal.

The official investigation – into a high-profile murder – is based on testimonies contradicted by CCTV footage. According to the first reconstruction, a girl holding a national blogger’s gift appeared: a former prisoner born in the Donbass, who joined the pro-Russian militia in 2014, then became a citizen in 2021. At first the guards would stop her, tell her to leave the package near the door, and – according to Daria’s words – might even joke about the fact that it could contain bomb. After a few jests, she took the gift again and headed towards the conference room where Tatarsky was about to speak, whose real name is Maxim Fomin, 40. A short video clip shows a young woman from behind quickly entering a room, at the entrance – oddly enough – no inspection was noticed. Russian media reported it In recent months there have been threats against the victim. In another clip, we see a man handing a blogger a figurine which he then placed on a table, the potential gift trap that could have hidden some 200 grams of explosives. Then a third, wider stanza: Tatarsky takes the “bust”, puts them back in the chest and invites the girl to sit a short distance to his left. And at one point she makes a gesture with her outstretched hands. Finally, the explosion occurred, and the windows were blown out: a total of 32 injured. The woman who appears before the explosion is the killer or someone else? Ed stood nearby knowing there was a bomb? unharmed? How reliable or complete are the videos?

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Finally the third stanza With the explosion, the windows were knocked down: in total there will be 32 injured. Were the masterminds of the attack aware of the cameras? Did they conduct a survey? Didn’t they care? The alleged perpetrator is also quickly identified thanks to the electronic eye.

The attackers resorted to the statuette’s trick to hide the bomb, fearing possible searches. There is no shortage of examples in the Encyclopedia of Terrorism. Commander Massoud Asad Panjshir was assassinated in Afghanistan on charges hidden in the camera of fake journalists. In other episodes it was Hidden in a copy of a Bible, in a turban, in a faux suit, under a sari, in a body cavity, in common objects such as a guitar. It is not uncommon for women to carry out the last act. By choice, as part of a faction, but also unknowingly, are used because they are less susceptible to searches. However, in low-intensity conflicts, every premise must be considered: the device that explodes, the magnetic bomb under the car, the bomb that is activated remotely during reception.

Then there is a lot of interest in the political framework. Evgeny Prigozhin, head of Wagner’s private militia, confirmed that Street Food Bar N1 was owned by him and that he had handed it over to Cyber ​​Z extremists for several events. Putin’s chef Also celebrated Tatarsky from BakhmutIn his honor, the city is the scene of the attack of his mercenaries. But instead of accusing Kyiv of the assassination, He took over the extreme circles. However, Prigozhin must be followed day after day: he can say one thing and say the opposite after 24 hours. He has his own agenda, full of ambition but also less transparent games: he raises his tone, criticizes the generals, then takes a step back and starts over. The same role that Tatarsky tried to embody, which saved half a million followers from criticizing the Russian General Staff and President Putin.

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Prigozhin’s words are useful to those who regard the St. Petersburg attack as a moment of struggle in the camp of extremists. Those who wish to flatten Ukraine moreConvinced that the army will not do the job to the end. Critic sounds—continuous and diffuse—are useful for maneuvers, but they do not always have a definite weight commensurate with sorties. Tatarsky’s confessed connection with Prigozhin could indicate the warning of the mafia: I will kill you until you return to the line with those who compete. This may also be true of Daria Duzhina, who was killed in August by a car bomb on the outskirts of Moscow, but since then the toxins have certainly not gone away. In fact, the solid and pure volume increased.

The well-known contradictions under the Kremlin walls do not lose sight of the Ukrainian path, which the Moscow prosecutor’s office insists on. Kiev fights with every weapon, with infiltration and sabotage. It can exploit its agents, the Russians, the people on the fringes ready to move, the dissidents, the shadowy figures who have already claimed their operations. It removes characters who are trying in word and deed to annihilate a country. Ukraine does not take responsibility, let others blame itHowever, he moves by hiding behind the runner’s version, the explanation being that intelligence usually rotates to confuse and buy time. Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky’s advisor, commented that the spiders ate each other in the jar. According to sources in Kiev, the bomb was not in the “bust” but near the podium and this must lead the investigation elsewhere.

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There is always a plan B, and attribution to elements that got out of control as does the plot of Nord Stream. Meanwhile, Kiev has found an unexpected defense attorney in Evgeny Prigozhin. If, at present, He did not accuse Zelensky’s clients and inviting them to take a look at the house could mean two things: either he has a good idea of ​​doing it, or he has an interest in diverting attention from the enemy. On the other hand, the Kremlin awarded Tatarsky with a medal for courage, a posthumous recognition of a patriotic key.

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