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The war between Russia and Ukraine, the son of a friend of Putin’s paratrooper also died

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at war in Ukraine A Russian paratrooper and military intelligence officer died, Georgy Dodorov23 years old, her father is a friend Russian President Vladimir Putin. Report this to the Polish website I missed While British newspapers cite official Russian notes. Dodorov was the commander of the reconnaissance campaign of the 137th regiment of the 106th Airborne Division from Tolska, reads a statement from the Russian Investigative Committee. According to Russian official sources, citing Russian official sources, citing Russian official sources, on March 6, the convoy of his company was subjected to artillery fire from Ukrainian national detachments. Mirror. He will receive a posthumous medal for military valor.

the father, Alexander Dodorov49 years old, graduated from KGB school and then served in the secret service of post-Soviet RussiaFsbled by Putin himself. He is a figure very close to the head of the Kremlin: among other things, he was chosen to build the Formula 1 circuit membersOn the occasion of the first race of 2014. Member Russia lonlinessPutin’s party, currently Deputy Governor of the Autonomous Region Ninick, in the north of Russia, a major oil and gas region. He graduated from the KGB school, and then served in the secret service of post-Soviet Russia, the FSB, led by Putin himself.

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