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Tatarani’s fiancé falls in love with Malenconico’s daughter in the TV movie “Diversi come due Gocce d’Acqua”. As long as it ends well…

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Chiara Celotto and Alessio Lapis

After the feast of football matches, it is time for Rai 1 to return to the comfort zone of Rai Fiction, and given the period when everyone should be better, only stories with completely happy endings can be counted on. And thus space for a new cycle of TV movies As long as it ends well, consisting of four titles; the first, Different as two drops of waterwill appear tonight at 21.25 and the protagonist will be Inspector Kalogeuri Emma Tatarani – Deputy Public Prosecutorthat’s saying Alessio LapisAnd the Claire Celottoalready a daughter Vincenzo Malenconico – Failed Attorney.

Two characters, Gaetano and Sharon, will be at the center of a Pretty woman all’italiana, a story of love and social differences set back in the tone of a light comedy, scacciapensieri, which will take place in Naples, now one of the nerve centers of Italian production. Directed by Luca Lusini, the TV movie also welcomes the cast Thomas TrapacchiAnd the Giovanni Esposito, Monica Nappo, Raffaele Esposito, Domenico Pinelli, Gianluca Degennaro, Rise, Rosalia Porcaro And the Susie Del Giudiceboth of which were recently seen on Sept mine.

Alessio Lapis and Thomas Trapacci

Alessio Lapis and Thomas Trapacci

Upcoming films of the course As long as it ends well they will be If you leave me, I will marry you With Sara Lazzaro and Alessio Vassallo (December 15), Laura’s fortune With Lucrezia Lante della Rovere and Andrea Benacchi (December 22) e disturbing legacy With Chiara Franchini and Eurydice Axin (December 29).

Different as two drops of water: the plot

Gaetano, a young scion of a noble noble family, must say goodbye to his aunts, beloved friends and Neapolitan adoration of cold Frankfurt, where a prestigious job awaits him, decided by his father Giorgio, convinced that he knows what is good for the boy. who do not resist. As if indulging his unconscious desire, an accident hurts his departure: Gaetano runs over the beautiful Sharon, who has a more humble background but a strong personality, and destroys the precious old car that belonged to his missing mother and that his father was in. satisfactorily connected.

Claire Celotto

Claire Celotto

The car is not insured, and to keep it a secret, Gaetano is forced to fulfill the young woman’s requests and replace her in two jobs for her: waitress at the Fefè restaurant and assistant at the fish market. To bring it all to life, the kind but lax aunts will pit Gaetano in comparison with Alfonso, the dishonest official of the family’s assets who is scientifically ruining for personal gain.

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Unexpectedly, this incident would prove to be a unique opportunity for both young men: Sharon, oppressed by the parasitic environment of her family and the clingy boyfriend she no longer loves, had no time to dream up and say what to think and feel, just like Gaetano. Together, though so different, they will be able to find the courage to change and even fall in love.

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