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Five Applications of Robots in Everyday Life

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A robot is a machine that is specially designed to perform a series of complicated instructions automatically. Controls can be external, or they are incorporated in the design. These task-performing machines are steadily becoming ubiquitous in contemporary life due to their ability to ease painstaking work that humans may not perform as accurately or at all.

The Astronomical Growth of the Robotics Industry

The latest data from Mordor Intelligence shows that the Global Robotics Market is on an upward trend, even amidst Covid 19 and associated complications in many industries. The market was valued at USD 27.73 billion at the close of 2020, and it is projected to exceed USD 74.1 billion by 2026. With such an impressive growth rate, it is no wonder robotics has infiltrated so many spheres of the economy.

Autonomous vs. Semi-autonomous Robots

Robots can be fully autonomous where they perform tasks mostly independently, such as what you find in artificial intelligence. These robots do not accept external commands.

Semi-autonomous robots, on the other hand, function by accepting external commands from people operating them. A microwave accepts orders like time, start, defrost, and stop, but it works autonomously after that. In this article, we discuss the various applications of semi-autonomous robots in multiple sectors:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This invention has become a lifesaver in many households where young children and pets are present. If you have pets roaming around the home, the chances are that pet fur is all over the carpet and upholstery. A robot vacuum cleaner gets these furs off the rug, and it can cover large spaces like the great room and hallways.

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Some sophisticated cleaners have a charging station that sucks all the debris once the job is done. They keep track of the areas they have cleaned and those areas they are yet to polish. Owners can schedule cleaning times using an app so the robot can start off cleaning duty without your physical intervention. Advanced robot vacuums use laser beams to learn the layout of the home, apartment, or office.

You can instruct intelligent robots to clean specific rooms or high-traffic zones, and not others, through a smartphone app. Some models can fit under the furniture better than others, while others don’t get stuck as often. If you are shopping around for a robot vacuum cleaner, check the specifications and consider durability, especially if you need to vacuum often.

Robotic Lawnmower

Taking care of your lawn is another crucial task for esthetic purposes and keeping predators like raccoons away. Some people can afford to hire professional landscapers to mow the lawn and take care of the garden. If you choose to do the maintenance yourself, investing in a robotic lawn mower is an ideal option.

Don’t be fooled by the technological sophistication; these machines are easier to maintain than a conventional lawnmower. Cleaning the device is vital to the longevity of the robotic lawnmower. It prevents grass from accumulating around the wheels and other moving parts, promoting wear and tear. More so, the buildup of grass clippings around these essential parts will interfere with the performance of your lawnmower.

Another maintenance practice is replacing the battery and blades as often as you deem fit, and don’t forget the device outside, especially during rainstorms or the winter season. Always wear protective gloves when cleaning to avoid getting hurt by the sharp blades.

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Apart from household duties, robotics has traversed across many industries, making life easier for humans. Travelmate is a fully automated suitcase robot that saves you from dragging a suitcase across airport terminals or hotel lobbies. Frequent travelers appreciate its energy-saving Bluetooth module, which makes the connection last longer and it remains consistent with increased usage.

You can remove the battery and charge it with wireless technology, and this battery has USB ports for charging nearly all electronics. Users of Travelmate don’t have to worry about their smartphones or laptops going off as they travel for business or leisure. The robot’s LED lighting indicates direction as the suitcase navigates streets and airport terminals. It also helps you keep tabs on battery power.

The sophistication doesn’t end there; Travelmate is equipped with a scale that measures your luggage to prevent you from overpacking. Don’t worry about losing the suitcase; it comes with a GPS locator, which helps it navigate new spaces and informs you of its whereabouts. This level of sophistication will significantly improve travel experiences for frequent travelers.

Sanitation and Disinfection Robots

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the heightened risk of dealing with harmful viruses and bacteria in hospital settings. Handling deadly infections like Covid 19, SARS, Ebola, etc., requires different approaches that will not expose humans to irreversible harm. Such hardships are where sanitation and disinfection robots come in to cleanse and disinfect homes, offices, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, etc., where deadly viruses and bacteria are detected.

Rehabilitation Robots

Medicine is an integral part of society, and it has become even more apparent since Covid 19 struck. The world needs significant innovations that will fend off diseases or manage them once patients are diagnosed. To this end, rehabilitation robots play a vital role in recovering patients with disabilities, such as increasing their mobility and coordination of muscles.

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Someone who suffered a horrible car accident may find themselves struggling to walk or use their hands to grab items. People with neurobehavioral conditions or stroke victims are perfect candidates for rehabilitation to regain mobility of the affected part of the body and resume normalcy in their daily lives. Scientists can program a rehabilitation robot to mimic the condition of such patients, helping them relearn things like walking, bathing, feeding themselves, and so forth.


In the end, there are many ways of incorporating robotics in everyday life to make things easier and save time. The initial investment of these gadgets may be high. Still, it is worth the convenience of having an intelligent device perform chores or other duties with little to no human intervention. Helping patients recover from horrible crashes or ailments is another great win from the robotics industry.

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