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General dimming cannot be ruled out. Giorgetti: “Europe sets a plan to avoid it” – video

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“a black out It cannot be ruled out with regard to the current structure of the energy supply ». These are the words of the Minister of Economic Development… Giancarlo Giorgetti, during the Confartigianato Association. For days, and months already, Europe has been shaking at the idea of ​​a file black out General can spread like wildfire in all countries. The Spaniards have already done it emptied Hardware stores are looking for camping torches and stoves to deal with any power shortages, while the Austrian Ministry of Defense has recommended citizens “eat at home for at least two weeks”. After rising electricity and gas bills, which began on October 1, the hypothesis of a blackout is becoming more and more likely. Added to this is the fuel shortage and the structural problem of the past year, during which the former energy stocks were practically exhausted. Cyber ​​attacks are also worrisome, since national systems are interconnected and sabotaging one can have a domino effect on the others. «It is important to sterilize effect inflation From home and business bills – said Giorgetti – this is net from the need for a plan to be set at the European level to avoid worse things».

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