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How many stars does the universe have? Science reveals the number

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Stars fill the universe in an amount that is difficult to quantify: let’s see how scientists and astronomers approach this topic

Stars (Image via Pixabay, collage by

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The stars million million Impressive numbers They attack us at the mere thought of counting the stars of the universe. It is absolutely impossible Determine the exact number. We also consider that almost all stars born are still alive, and some have become black holes or neutron stars of an infinitesimal proportion.

We know that those who have longer life cycle They are those small block, While those with a large mass are very little and have a short life. And there‘Universe still small and starry sky. But if it is not possible to count, we can consider making an approximation by measuring the trend in the rate of star formation on a cosmic scale.

Stars: Calculations and Estimates by Astronomers

Count the stars of the impossible universe
The Orion Nebula (Image via Pixabay)

The Astronomy scientists Who studies scientifically and contemplates the universe, They can specify How many new stars are born each year as a function of time? Through this Appreciation It can be established that 11 billion years ago there was a kind of “peak fertility” It lasted nearly two billion years. In this hard-to-imagine time period, about half the number of star clusters we can observe today have been produced.

There has been a significant decline since then, and galaxies have become less efficient at converting gas into star mass. But the estimated number of stars can only indicatethe universe as we know it And we can notice it. this part calculated when Diameter who about 93 billion light years away. For comparison, a typical galaxy measures about 30,000 light-years across and up to our own Milky Way, it’s 100,000 light-years across.

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The education Come to assume that aroundvisible universe Maybe there 100 billion galaxies. Here we range from dwarf galaxies, which can contain 10 million stars, to giant galaxies, which may contain at least 1,000 billion. Recent studies have estimated that the number stars exist withinvisible universe 300 thousand trillion.

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estimates at least approximate Ago All galaxies are different And the number is constantly changing, but it’s still interesting to try to calculate stars of the universe. If we consider it with the naked eye we can see about 4 thousand and with i space telescopes You can see about 50 billion galaxies, how many invisible galaxies?

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