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David Harbor takes on the portrayal of Daniel Day-Lewis

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This method is a debate that has been going on for decades and can always divide the same actors on its usefulness. There who and how Daniel Day-Lewis, he built an extraordinary but short career on it and who really doesn’t want to hear about it. Some time ago, even David Harbor has called this method of acting zero.

It may have won Day-Lewis three Oscars for Best Actor, but for Star Weird things «Not only is this method ridiculous, but… It is also dangerous. This does not lead to a good result». During an interview, he said that he too was trained in the American way of acting, but now he no longer believes in it.

«When I was young, and it’s pretty embarrassing to say, I remember playing the famous Scottish king and saying things like “Now I’m going to kill that cat” or something. I thought, “I’m going to kill someone so I’ll know how you feel.” I never did, of courseHe added. Immediately afterwards, he raised his flamboyant co-star — who used the method in films like My Left Foot, Il Petroliere And Lincoln – On the pretext thatAn exceptional actor who captivates and fascinates me“but also”When explaining its operation, It all seems meaningless to me».

David Harbor is in good company on this crusade. a few months ago too Mads Mikkelsen He shot the method, describing it as «Foolish». Exact same words used before Brian CoxStar Succession Who definitely didn’t tell them that even though his colleague used this method of acting as well Jeremy Strong On the HBO series: «It really is a culture clash. I’m not behind all this American nonsense. Sorry, all that “I think, so I feel” stuff. Do your homework! Don’t know yourself” He said.

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Anyone argue otherwise Andrew Garfield. Actor best known for his role as Spider Man But also an Oscar nominee Battle of Hacksaw RidgeHe defended the method, saying:I think a lot of misconceptions have been expressed about the true nature of the method […] I’m kind of annoyed by this notion that method acting is a king’s fool. no, I don’t think you know what acting is if you call her a whore, or if you have simply worked with someone claiming to be a method actor who does not act in an actual manner. It’s also very special».

how do you think? Method yes or method no? Tell us about yours, as always, in the comments.

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