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Komo’s new hockey logo

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The starting point was that the logo was closely related to our lake.

At the end of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations, our historic gym decided to equip itself with new logowhich was presented yesterday evening, organized in Music factor nerolidioIn the presence of sponsors, partners, local and sports bodies.

Every hockey team has a traditional team mascot Or an animal in its logo, now we have it too – said the president at the conference Massimo Tashi – We thought we could choose fairies, deer or birds of prey like the others our lake Our city’s indispensable companion, indispensable friend, and comfort to all right como.

The needle It gave us a wide choice, fish, birds, animals and legends, and it has long been discussed to get Lariosaurus As an amulet, unfortunately, the illustrations we found did not satisfy us. So we decided to use swana remarkable bird of elegant and territorial influence.

The swan It is certainly a tough, brave, silent and tough bird, characteristics we share with the Komachi. The swan It’s as elegant as our boys on the ice, it’s hard to take off as we do every year with the opening of the ice rink in mid-September which doesn’t allow us to be on par with the other teams, but then when we take off we are prettier and neater and no one stops us anymore “.

Despite our indomitable approach, we often struggle with a city that has forgotten for him sports career Forgetting the restoration and maintenance of its systems by neglecting it. Also last season, we suffered a two-and-a-half month suspension, due to the municipality’s lack of interest in its facilities, and incurred high costs for training away from home, which we still don’t know if it will be recognized.

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In days we will have a new one mayor Which we wish you wouldn’t say: I have other things to think about, because sports, school and health are two sides of the same coin that are closely related!! Only one boy out of seven plays sports, as a former athlete it is a fact that I cannot fully accept, as I all think, a boy who exercises generates much lower costs to society in terms of health and social costs than someone who does not.

We are so confident that all Como-based companies that it is feasible to do a refurbishment of the plants in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, the outgoing board missed the opportunity to participate in the regulation 2026 Olympics Milan CortinaThe whole world wanted to come to him como For training or friendly matches and then enjoying the local beauty, we make sure that happens no matter what the Olympic event. I hear players from a large part of the northern hemisphere and only at this time Lake Como excite them.

However, for all companies winter sports This will be a stepping stone, an opportunity for incredible visibility that will lead to more interest and perhaps a huge increase in athletes, at least here I hope we are ready. We should think of epic victories or great players, as well as of a regional commitment that we see houses How hockey komoalong with several hundred other athletes from other disciplines.”

“Let me salute – continues the chief – the three least obvious but indispensable teams to behockey komo They can play and have fun. our team directors group: Elisabetta, Luca, Simon, Massimo and Matteo. there The technical team: Eagle Maspero new hockey school teacher, Peter MalkovAnd the Danilo BertutoAnd the Loris Daggett And the Matthew Giaco Which I think we don’t need an introduction but just thanks from me. Team our parents Both young and old teams, you have no idea how important they are to our federation. without the Synergy From these three teams nothing would be possible.”

New information was also presented at this event jerseys game From the old and young sector, the latter was designed by the Como-born designer and assembler Giovanni Endoratoplus jacket”socialBefore the race.

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The team’s first shirt IHL 2022-23 season It would be a simple T-shirt in the basic colors of our society, white For home meetings e blue for business trips. Instead, the youth team emphasizes our new logo and territorial lands with our symbols needle Based on Como.

We also decided to make a shirt for next season.”socialPreliminary preliminary match with me Logos out of four Como associations shared by volunteer With the aim of putting it up for sale and donating the total proceeds.

These associations work on various goals to support the African population, research into leukemia and help in the territory. The associations in strict alphabetical order are:

Father Dr. Ambrosoli Foundationwhich supports a hospital in Uganda by providing medical services and training to local doctors.

Kibare Onlus Which deals with adoption, nutrition projects, and schools in Burkina Faso.

Como Heavyweight League They are committed to supporting various local projects, such as supporting flood victims on the lake and helping Quelli che con Luca onlus.

Those with Luca Onlus With President Andrea Ceccioni, a friend who, after losing his son Luca to leukemia, decided to commit body and soul to support the research with important results.

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