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How Luke Skywalker communicated with Nihils and the Upper Republic

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This article is a guide to Canon. click here To read all canonical material guides.

L’Rebel Alliance Just found out The Empire builds the second Death Star. It was a family Miltonwhile working on the construction site of the second Death Star, to break the news to the Rebels. John and Bevelyn Milton They are two Imperial soldiers, but also agentsCrimson Dawn Double agents, they infiltrate one of the most secret and best-guarded Imperial facilities in the galaxy. With the aim of destabilizing the empire Palpatine dbAnd Kyra db The Meltons are ordered to pass all information they have to the Rebels while they are in Central Crimson Kingdom.

However, it turned out to be more difficult than expected, and the Meltons, pursued by the imperial ships, were wrecked coruscant dbwhere you just enter Luke Skywalker db I ensured her survival. Upon learning of this information, the Rebel Alliance still had a more pressing problem to deal with: recovery fuel for your fleet. Leah db She entrusted the purchase to her old friend Emlyn Holdu dbwhich she had been fond of since her childhood Alderaan db But now he can’t see as much as he wants. The supply channel Holdo has with Crimson Dawn appears to be broken, but they have a Plan B to ensure the Rebel fleet is operational, which specifically involves Nahil.

Centuries ago, in fact, a group of carriers made contact Kazarat convoy disappeared into hyperspace. Considered by many to be a legend, the Kezarat caravan carried a large amount of fuel. With Kezarat’s latest garbled message as her only clue, Amilyn decides to try and track down the missing caravan. But to do this, you need a file portal enginea hyperspace technology that the Nihils used to wreak havoc on the galaxy and found themselves literally everywhere when others weren’t expecting it.

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This is how Ameline brings her allies It expires To buy in the auction that is held in the range lavish party old Lightning ship by nihils. However, the Empire wins the auction, specifically the Brilliant one Curator of the Imperial Museum on Coruscantwhich a team of stormWhich forces the heroes of the Rebel Alliance to steal its engine. Pursued by Imperial forces, the rebels jump into hyperspace with the Engine at the Gate to insert the Butchers’ strange message into the latter, the only remaining clue to the long-vanished ship during a long period of time. Storm which nihilism has caused to increase the void. Quasars belong to union betweenand ship owners Legacy runthe colony ship which, after being destroyed by the Nihils, caused what is known as the Hyperspace disasteror that storm that forced Republic To seal the hyperspace corridors to prevent further damage from the wrecking ship’s fragments. There were two travelers who were also part of the Byne Guild Leox Giassi And ave hollowand her adoptive mother, Beval dbexploreHe was indeed the owner of the guild (as we find out in the novel in the dark).

Thus, the heroes find themselves in obscurity Change the space. This is a hidden place accessible only with Rifts technology where centuries ago Nihil was their secret headquarters, and Great hall. All this information can be found at Star Wars Issue #28 (Which also includes the other series Darth Vader db), the regular sitcom that falls in between Fifth episode And Sixth episodeand write Charles Soule. As we know, he is also one of the architects of the project high republicwhich takes us to 230 years ago Battle of Yavin Which makes us familiar with serious affiliate star beacon And from Nahil wicked invaders Marchion Row db. Soule, who also signed on to the novel that opened the High Republic, Capricorn lightis the author of the other comic series eye of the storm And The bladewhich arrives in Italy in September.

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Out of space, the heroes Leia, Luke, Lando Calrissian dbAnd Chewbacca db And Amlyn comes across mysterious killer robots bearing Nihils’ symbols, the signature three arrows, as well as the platform on which the Nihils gather themselves to plan their raids and celebrate success. When the heroes are stuck in an airlock in the Kizarat colony, they are told to leave their weapons behind, which is why a mysterious child takes possession of them. Luke’s yellow light sword. But that’s not all: If someone gains access to Non-Space, the back-to-back technology no longer exists.

In fact, this isn’t Luke’s first encounter with the High Republic. Thanks for one vergence in forceIn fact, he was in some way connected with the Jedi Knight of the High Republic Elazar Mann dbon a planet Gaza.

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