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Daisy Ridley breaks her silence about the new Star Wars film

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Thanks to the end of the strikes that shook the world of Hollywood over the past few months, work is underway on the new film in the saga star Wars They can just start playing now. He will come back Daisy Ridley, the heroine of the final trilogy In the past few hours, he issued some statements regarding what is new star Wars Access.

During his interview with various media outlets on the occasion of the release of his new film Daughter of the Marsh Kingtranslator Rey Skywalker (She also renamed herself at the end of the 2019 film) broke the silence by offering some previews. He said: “When people asked me, I said no I wouldn’t do another one. But then it happened – he said, referring to the announcement made during Star Wars celebrationBefore I got on stage, I was literally shitting myself, because no one knew I was going to be there».

Then he added, discussing the merits of the following film: “I was so nervous. But the response was amazing. I’m really very excited, The story is very beautiful. I’m waiting to read the text because I obviously don’t have any other kind of updates. It’s not what I expected, but I’m very happy». Words that will undoubtedly tickle the imagination and assumptions of the masses: how could it not be what they expected? Epic star Wars Will it take an unexpected turn?

Rumors have recently leaked about what the plot of the new film will be, which according to rumors should have a title Star Wars: A New Beginning. The tenth film of the official saga will be Appointment 15 years Following the events leading up to the final Defeating Emperor Palpatine. It has been reported that Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, will once again be at the center of the story, busy with it Rebuilding is a serious matter From the foundations. From Star Wars News Net we also learned that the final draft of Screenplay by Steven Knight It could be ready by the end of November, thanks to the end of the screenwriters’ strike.

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There is still no official release date for the next film in the series, which in the meantime is expanding thanks to new TV series such as The Mandalorian And Ahsoka. It’s also in the works Film directed by Taika WaititiWhich, according to the director himself, “will anger a lot of people.” You are ready?

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