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Older brother Phip, Alex Bailey slams Delia Doran: ‘He shouldn’t have offended Sully’

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Alex criticizes Delia’s behavior towards Sulli.

New comparisons and confessions in Casa del big brother vip. Alex Bailey In fact, he came back to talk about it Delia Duran Based on Severe accusations from his partner against Sully Sorge. The accusations and crimes identified by the perpetrator are false.

Alex Bailey’s outbreak

behavior Delia, who went to the TV living room Barbara Dorso to continue Abuse and attack on SulliHe doesn’t like her at all Alex who allowed himself to go to Severe vent at home with David Silvestri and Manila Nazzaro: “The only way out is to have a chance to talk about it, not in two minutes but to sit for a moment and explain to her that it’s not what she thinks”.

Clear In fact, he revealed that he stayed Disappointed by the turnover attitude: “You know I don’t like these things over there, they bother me so badly. You can argue about this thing without ending up in that cliched phrase where you have to offend, and give names. It’s not that we have to agree on everything, these things here not so good “.

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After listening to the actor’s outburst, David I intervened to defend Soleil: “But what does Sulli have to do with that… you should boycott her.”. Referred sentence Deliamisunderstood, Alex who immediately replied: “Sichio, you don’t have to interrupt anything at all, don’t get angry even in the early morning.”.

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