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“I’ve fought all my life for…”

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In the last few hours in the House of the Gf Vip Daniele Dal Moro he has allowed himself to be transported into the background of the past: here is what he said.

In the past few hours, Daniele Dal Moro, speaking with Nikita Pellizon, has released himself to revelations and backstories about his past. narrated How he had to fight and struggle over the years To achieve his freedom, which is the trait that represents him most and most important to him. But this is what he told his roommate in detail in the last few hours at Casa del Gf Vip.

GF Vibe, Daniele Dal Moro lets himself go and admits that …

Daniele Dal Moro, in the last few hours, after listening to Nikita Bellizone’s outrage regarding the attacks of some housemates including Oriana Marzoli, has let himself go into the background of his past. He told Fibonna how he had to fight for so long to achieve the desired freedom And how it was not easy to get to where he was and where he is today.

He started his speech by saying:”I have struggled all my life to be a free person. My main character and all the people who love me know it is that I am a person who doesn’t let anyone or anything dictate it. I only do what I want and exclusively what I feel. All time. And this is the most important thing for me. Also because I have spent so many years not doing that. And I struggled for a long time to have the character to do that. Because once upon a time I didn’t have the character to do that, I was missing out. While today I am someone who really has the character, he built the character to be free. And so this sense of freedom that I always carry with me for better or for worse and in all the things I do makes me feel good. Makes me feel calm. I am a free boy. Free from the inside and in the head. I say what I feel, do what I feel. I am aware of who I am, what I do. And I am willing to pay and have always paid for my skin. All time. No one ever paid me. And as a kid, I wasn’t“.

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