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To India on a spiritual journey

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We were wondering when and where we’ll see again will Smith After the slap of Chris Rock that made him disappear from the radar and social networks for weeks. Today we find him in India, seemingly alone, on a spiritual journey that will lead him to meet a local teacher he has already visited in the past. It is his first public release.

A new chapter has been added to the sad curtain that made the latest version of Oscar 2022, at the same time, the most circulated but also the least remembered, at least from the one point of view that had to be counted and ended up on the last page: the cinema. In all honesty, we would have preferred to comment on CODA wins Best Film or celebrate Drive My Car was chosen as the best foreign film. But the gesture of the Oscar-winning actor now King Richard On stage at the Dolby Theater, it had dire and perhaps unexpected consequences, due to the severity with which they hit Will Smith.

Before Many future projects you see have been canceledprevent or steal from film productions; Then decimal daspo from which party Oscars from which he had already resigned, allowing him to keep the statuette; Divorce rumors are finally at the gates with Jada Pinkett Smith. Without wanting to justify anything, the burden must have been so great for the actor, that he had to leave To India to undergo a spiritual journey. Smith was actually seen, apparently unaccompanied, at Mumbai airport, with his first public appearance after the Oscars.

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I went there to visit Teacher Sadhguruwhom he had met in the past in his moment of need: the image he depicts in prayer dates back to that journey. At the airport, have fun and take pictures with some of the fans, while on the other side of the ocean, instead, there’s also Chris Rock’s mother condemned the gesture. Clearly late.

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