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Hockey, overtime smiles at Varese

Hockey, overtime smiles at Varese

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(By Massimo Iroldi, archive photo) 4 to 3 is a great ice hockey classic and it doesn’t matter if it takes another 200 inches to find the fourth goal: Trentino’s Gallonieri came back with two more points allowing them to consolidate first place in the standings.
Varese in Bergen with four heavy absences: Beroso, Bertin, Piccinelli and Raimondi, partially compensated by the addition of Fanelli and GissomarĂ­a from the Aosta farm team supporting the defensive phase.

In the first minutes of the match it was the yellow and black who touched the net, but at Bergin’s first opportunity, after 6 minutes, Linke took the lead, capped off by a fine work into the net by Meneghini. Mastiffs endured the first numerical inferiority of the match well and didn’t take too many risks, and then tried to move forward without worrying the opponent’s defense too much. Five minutes after the first siren, Varese had the chance to play two minutes with the extra man, but the pressure was sterile and Bergen passed unharmed. When everyone was already thinking at the end of the first half, Sheena equalized 50″ from the end of the half, and was able to convert a personal touchdown into the net by tricking goalkeeper Rigoni.

Just as the yellow and black finished the first half up, in the same way they started again in the second and in fact it is Privitera who doubles after a choral work in the 24th minute. In the next seconds Rigoni saves Linke, who follow even in the next two minutes with the man down : Unfortunately, Varese does not take advantage of the favorable situation of superiority to “kill” the match. The match gets tense and penalties arrive on one side and on the other, respectively. Just over half an hour later, Be Borghi ended up on the bench and Bergin capitalized on a penalty, but Birla saved it, giving an extra buzz to the many yellow-and-black fans in attendance.

The home team raises the center of gravity and puts more pressure on Varese’s defence: this change of pace leads Trentino’s side to an equalizer thanks to Muslin’s goal. The goal gives confidence and allows Pergine to get close to Aldritel in the last moments, but it is M. Mazzacane who takes advantage of the “hard money” a puck poorly managed by Linci, moved by M. Borghi and Drolet and scores the opening goal Varese.

The first ten minutes of the third period were very balanced, but precisely in the 50th minute Andreotti scored the equalizing goal in numerical superiority. The game became tense and Odoni spent a few minutes in the penalty area admitting his numerical advantage on the ice to the hosts who were unable to get the most out of him. A big credit certainly goes to the yellow and black defense and to the sacrificial spirit of all the action men who fall back to protect Birla. Defensive action is effective and so it is not the third siren of the evening who decides ‘game over’. The match continues to extra time, which the Gialloneri experienced for the first time this season. After a good start from Team Varese, Belloni, Franchini and Tilaro pack the winning goal that gives the Mastiffs two points.

Bergen Sabines: 1 Rigoni (29 Zanella), 24 Al Ambrosi, 28 Franza, 2 Baker, 7 Revo, 11 Jezzo, 96 Gamper, 6 Petito, 18 Andreotti, 71 Muslin, 77 Voltine, 27 Bono, 8 Meneghini, 55 Felicati, 91 Viliotti, 81 Marano. Coach: Andrea Ambrosi
HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (90 Mordants) 3 Schina, 7 Desautels, 22 E. Mazzacane, 33 Fanelli, 37 Belloni, 66 Gesumaria, 9 Drolet, 12 Franchini, 15 Tilaro, 16 Vanetti, 19 Allevato, 21 Del Vita, 23 M Borghi, 27 M Mazagan, 32 B Borghi, 13 Cordiano, 88 Previtera, 97 Udoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

Bergen Sabines – HCMV VARESE HOCKEY 3-4 (1: 1 1: 2 1: 0 0-1 extra)
6’01” (SP) Meneghini (Foltin, Andreotti), 19’09” (HCMV) Schina, 24’35” (HCMV) Privitera (Franchini, Desautels), 35’48” (SP) Mocellin (Good, Gamper) , 50’35” (HCMV) Andreotti (Foltin, Franza) PP1, 63’22” (HCMV) Tellaro (Franchini, Belloni)


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