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Hockey, how many news in Amatori-Viareggio

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Hockey, how many news in Amatori-Viareggio
  • Thursday 15 September 2022

Several new and young faces are instantly ready to make their mark and two big names are on the bench to get “first” with unchanged charm. On Saturday evening, the 100 Serie A1 Championships begins and at PalaCastellotti we immediately start with a great classic such as Aatori-Viareggio. Which wouldn’t have been the case in the epic semi-final battles of a few years ago, but it retains the charm of a huge challenge that fans always feel. The challenge this year will see many new champions on both sides: from art sons Fantozzi and Faccin, to Fortemarmini Giovannetti and Antonioni for whom Viareggio means the derby in yellow and red, to the very young Viareggio, the former Rafaeli and Dall. Anna, even the Argentine match in the net between her teammates Grimalt and Gomez. A match boosted by the match on the bench between Bresciani and Mariotti, who find themselves in front of them nine years after the last time at Amatori Viareggio.

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