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2022 Oscar Nominees: Nominees, Actors, Directors

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Final touches to the 94th edition of Academy Award. directed by Protests against the exclusion of live broadcasts Of the awards in the “artistic” categories, the Oscars in Dolby Theater Los Angeles. In Italy, the live broadcast will start right after midnight (0.15 minutes) Sky Cinema OscarAnd the Sky Onestreaming Currently clear on TV 8.

war in ukraine

This year’s edition will be a return to Hollywood glamour, after the 2021 date was still conditioned by Covid. But The concert will not forget the war in UkraineConfirmed Executive Producer Will PackerThe possibility of a video contribution from the Ukrainian president is still under consideration Volodymyr ZelenskyThe hypothesis has been relaunched in the last hours since then New York Post.

Italian race

Italy encourages It was God’s hand to Paolo Sorrentinoentered the final of the best international films, which nevertheless has to compete with the Dane run away and norwegian The worst person in the world. Then Lunana: Thor Thor in the Class Bhutan and Japanese drive my car.

Our country also represents him Enrico Casarosa with animation Lucabut my favorite in this category is Inkanto. then there Raya and the last dragonAnd the Mitchell vs Machines And the run away

Another prominent actor tricolor is Massimo Cantini Pariniwho signed the fashion cyrano It will give a hard time CruellaAnd the dunesAnd the Illusions Gallery – Nightmare Alley And the West side story.

Oscars 2022: Hosts, Guests and Nominees

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by Chiara Ugolini

the best movie

The prestigious award on the big movie night, Best Film, is a competition between the front-runners, dog power I remained in the lead until the end of February AH Coda – Heart Signs. Epic deaf hunters of Massachusetts from the Americans cyan hydraAnd the At first In view of underdog (The Underdog), aiming at the heart, won three important prizes in a few days, and sag For the best crew, I Beja From the producers and the best non-original design of the group, at this point, it could beat all the stats.

The western Jane CampionNominated with 12 nominations (against ten from dunes), he has ambition, he fails with it Rome And the Irishto give to Netflix The Academy Award in the highest category. Which in any case, except for the surprises in the last hour, will always go on to the streaming giant: a linein fact, distributed by CamelHe emerges from studies of the apple with the sting.

Both films are directed by a woman. Also Campion, who triumphed in AI Directors Guild Awardis the first to be nominated for the second time to direct after piano lessons (lose vs Schindler’s List to Steven Spielberg). They will see it with her Kenneth Brana (Belfast), Ryosuke Hamaguchi (driving my car), Spielberg (West side story) And the Paul Thomas Anderson (licorice pizza).

Oscar 2022 predictions, who will be the winner? betting predictions

by Chiara Ugolini

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Best Actress and Best Actor

The race between the actresses is open between them Jessica ChastainAnd the Olivia ColmanAnd the Kristen StewartAnd the Penelope Cruz And the Nicole KidmanWhile competing in the Best Actors category Benedict CumberbatchAnd the Javier BardemAnd the will SmithAnd the Andrew Garfield And the Denzel Washington.

Unlikely to be Bardem (Being Ricardos(and cruise)Madris Parallas), married in life, brought home two figurines in the same evening, as well as another couple “kissed” by nominations, Kirsten Dunst And the Jesse Plemons to dog power. always among the non-partisans, Troy Kotsurthe father of the deaf a lineis an eve favorite.

Evening guests

The evening before will witness the usual red carpet Live Shows Beyonce And the billie eilish Who will perform two original songs in competition: respectively, be alive From King Richard And the No time to die from the past James Bond.

Connectors and Providers

Three lessors – Regina HallAnd the Amy Schumer And the Wanda Sykes – Who, in order to deliver the prizes, will take turns with dozens of presenters including Anthony, HopkinsAnd the Daniel KaluuyaAnd the Lady GagaAnd the Halle BerryAnd the Rami MalekAnd the Lupita Nyong’oAnd the john TravoltaAnd the Yoo Jung Yoon and tennis stars Venus And the Serena Williams.

By excluding the “technical” categories, i.e., makeup artists, cinematographers and sound technicians, the live broadcast will last three hours: the craftsmen who made dream-making possible were sacrificed at the altar of a longer evening audience.

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