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An authoritarian guide to Forlì for Mr. Vespignani who invades Villafontana Square at the end of a capital performance. After the hosts’ initial advantage, Forlì turns the score already in the first break before extending to 6-1 in the second half; In the last delayed reaction of the hosts who scored three goals in a few minutes to make the final 7-4.

Forli, who triumphed in today’s grand match between the two runners-up in a row that spanned the Bolognese, cemented second place single-handedly to chase Bagnolo with full points next Saturday with Villafontana hosting Forli, who has one race play in more than both, and will watch the remainder shift. Forli, who will only return to the field on Saturday 26 November when he visits Cousins ​​from Santa Sofia on the last day of the first round.

the match

The hosts passing the first real rush with Lesce finding in 5′ the right lane to serve Barillaro who only in the area beats Cassano with a soft touch on the outside. However, Forli reacted violently and as the minutes passed, Vespignani’s formation shuts down the hosts in their defence. At 10′ Younes warm up his hands to the attentive Fuzio while on the other side in a throw-in Malfront is hypnotized by Cassano’s exit. However, Forli took possession of the match and finds a well-deserved equalizer at 20′ with Salvatore throwing himself on a rebound at ten meters and finding the tie for proof in the bottom corner.

At 23, Simon released Kangeni in the center of the area but the captain of Forli sees the screaming of the goal stifled by Fúzio’s miraculous tackle. The joy of the goal was only delayed by about thirty seconds when Salvatore slashed out the captain on the right of center who slashed the ball-less Fusio. Forlì can actually stretch at the end of the break but first Di Maio and then Fabbri miss two good chances and we go to rest at 2-1 for the guests.

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Ready to go in the second half and Forli plunges back into the 3′: Salvatore de Mayo pits around the edge of the area as a pivot sailing and holds 3-1 hard. Bagnara would have struggled with a 4-1 victory opportunity but Bianchini, who took over from Fusio in the second half, was frustrated. In the 13th minute, Leske had the ball to reopen the competition, but on his page with a sure shot from the edge of the area, Cassano instinctively puts it in a corner kick, choking the scream in the throat of the local fans who were already looking forward to it. Target. In the 16′ ring that set the stage for Romania: Lesci, already cautious, loses the ball with Simon’s pressure and carries it clear from behind, tackles a sacred yellow card worthy of a red card; Forli in supremacy does not allow himself to beg and in just 30 seconds finds the goal 4-1 with a header from Cangini Greggi, his second double in 15 days, after Bianchini rejected for the first time with a Di shot. mayo.

Forli takes advantage of a moment of chaos in the building and successively finds two more goals that nearly shut down the competition: at 19 minutes straight from Cassano’s hand-throw, Di Maio puts up head-to-head with Bianchini and runs to Salvatore, the ball is shoved 5-1 into the net and then at 21 minutes reaches 6- 1 Also with Di Maio in the far corner finishing an action by Simone and Salvatore first.

Before 6-1 in the final, Forli relaxes and at the turn of the 27th of Malavarente first, then Barillaro finds two goals that restore some faint hope of a comeback which Simone immediately rejected after a minute with a superb slalom only appears in front of Bianchini and signs 7-3 with a delicious touch Below to avoid the exit of the local goalkeeper. In the final Sgubbi from the distance of the final marks 4-7 which makes the passive less heavy.

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