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Dam, starting work in January: “Double room for maneuvering, ships up to 450 meters in height” –

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Genoa – 2023 will open its doors in Genoa, unless there are surprisesWith the start of work on the new dam. In January, the demolition of part of the old, about 2 km long, will begin to make way for the new part, which will be more than 4 km long. In this interview we explain the main steps and the reasons why this new work is necessary for the port of Genoa. Number based pattern.

“The current development dock for ships in the port of Samperdarina has a diameter of 550 metres, and the new dock will be 800 metres. This will allow the latest generation of ships – the engineer explains Marco Vaccari Genoa Port Authority – to be able to make developments in complete safety in front of Calata Bitolo, so you can get close afterwards. In fact, our simulations last year allow us to say that the ships that will be able to enter the port of Genoa will be 450 meters in length. The dam retreats about 400 meters from the shore from where it is today. Two entrances will be built because the terminal section of the dam will be maintained and we will be able to carry out works at depths between 35 and 50 metres, creating an access channel of about 2 km in length. The total length of work is 4160 meters, and the demolition will cover about 2 km, and the demolished materials will be recovered within the yard of the dam and in the dam cells, according to the logic of material recovery in accordance with environmental standards. minimum “.

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But if all this is not done, what does that mean for the port of Genoa? “At the dimensional level, we made special evaluations of the project’s ships and requested this document in the initial design bid and understood that from 2005 to 2015, about 50% of the ships were Panamax and post-Panamax types while today, in Cannes from 2020 onwards, they were Reducing this to 7%, so the ship is always a bigger size, The phenomenon of the marine giant. If we had not carried out this work, Genoa would have been a second-class city.

times? “They are a challenge: at the end of July, we honored the business and then the start date was set In January next year. The funding we get places an important constraint on construction times, because the benefits of this work will be measured at the end of 2026.”

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