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Hockey Binet starts again against Finchgau

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Hockey Piné competitive action starts Saturday at 7 p.m. at Laces


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Hockey Piné’s competitive action begins again: on Saturday, at 7pm, coach Andrea Valcanover’s boys will face AHC Vinschgau Eisfix in the laces, in the challenge running for the second day of the IHL Division One.
The game in South Tyrol will be the first game of the season for the Gilonieri, who was supposed to make his first match last Sunday against HC Girdina, but the match has been postponed to a later date for some Covid cases.
The 2022-2023 tournament will start in the name of the novelties. There will be 11 teams at the start of the new season, divided into eastern and western groups.
The first is made up of Val Venosta, Girdina, Feltre, Cadore and Beni, while the second includes Chiavina, Real Torino, Old Boys, Usta, in addition to the new Fanano and the second team Valpeles.

In the first stage, teams will play two matches (home and away) against their group formations, then it is the turn of the master and the qualification round to determine the qualifying grid.
The new season of Hockey Piné begins with an away match: against AHC Vinschgau Eisfix, Daniele Colombini and his teammates will try to repeat themselves after the satisfaction they got last season, which ended in the final.
Indeed, in the last April 9 game, the Pinetans had to surrender to the HC Valpellice Bulldogs, the final chapter of an exciting journey. The goal, then, is to repeat itself.
The next challengers, AHC Vinschgau Eisfix, will instead try to make up for the bitter result of the second stage of the regular season, which saw a loss against the HC Valpellice Bulldogs: 4-3 3-0 (at Val Venosta). The results are in favor of the Turin, and then the championship winners.

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Coach Andrea Falcanover will introduce the season.
“On August 23 we started preparing and I must say the boys have trained very well and are aware of their strength. We’ll play our first game on Saturday while, backstage, we’ve boosted the squad with new young players, eager to show off in the senior league.
“Our goals? We want to repeat ourselves, maybe with a different final result. Our first focus, in fact, is the Coppa Italia. From this year, the top three teams from the two groups of the regular season will be able to face the Serie B teams, which is completely new compared to the past, And for us, it’s another goal. The second is to reach the playoffs again and a new final.”

“Last year we had to go through some difficulties with Covid, but in the end, even if we found ourselves a little, we got as much as we could.
“For this season, we have completed the group with some young players, so we will be able to count on three goalkeepers, eight defenders and about fifteen strikers. On Saturday we will play the first match against Finschgau and hopefully we will start well, because they were our black beast last year: we never won against them.”

Words that reflect what was explained by the captain Paolo Corletti.
“The feelings are good, we rebuilt the team from second place last season after a long work with the coach.
“We are happy, we found the youngsters very excited to play with us. These days we complete the formation of the team, and now I can say that we have a good group, and the rest will say the field.”

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