December 2, 2023

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Football: Blackout doesn’t stop it, Saint Angelo drops poker on Codogno VIDEO

Football: Blackout doesn't stop it, Saint Angelo drops poker on Codogno VIDEO

Cheers Marseille

(Photo by Luke)

  • Wednesday 23 February 2022

Two goals from Marzeglia launch Sant’Angelo in the midweek derby with Codogno, who spared no volatility. The first half ended 1-0 due to a Rossoneri Panzer goal in the 38th minute, which doubled in the second half.

dark in

Darkness in the “church”

(Photo by Luke)

Then in “Chiesa” there is a blackout and at 12 the referee is forced to suspend the match, which resumes shortly after 22. Rossoneri Barasini remains in, despite a penalty by Vaglio saved by Carriello: Go Triple and Berto drops poker.

Wednesday’s recovery for top-flight football started poorly, with Sancolumbano emerging from among the friendly walls in the afternoon at the Estadio Riccardi against Limen Almino, third powerhouse in Group B: Zani’s goal in recovery after Capelli’s goals were in vain on a penalty and Lomboni In the first half.

In the promotion there was a white-sheet tie between Tribbiano and Casal and a defeat for Sina Gloria against Brisso.

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