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The live broadcasting platform for Oscars awardees

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Before a film can be nominated for an Academy Award, and may eventually win one or more awards, there is a long and complex promotional work to be done to convince members of the Academy of Motion Picture – through campaigns that have cost several million dollars in the past – the Arts and Sciences (the Society that awards awards The Oscars) to choose and vote for this movie.

Until just a few years ago, much of the promotion was done in person, with exclusive Hollywood shows reserved for voters. But the pandemic has made those predictions more difficult and less attractive. how he wrote Recently diverse“Live shows are practically gone,” and in their place the Academy’s screening room is establishing itself: the Academy Awards’ livestreaming platform, dedicated to the Academy’s nearly ten thousand members.

The exhibition room of the academy has been around since 2015 but only in recent years has it been discovered and found, according to diverse‘Excited audience’. Moreover, this is the first year in which the academy is doing forbidden Shipment of DVD, CD or hard copy by anyone who wants to promote a movie, soundtrack or screenplay. Now, remove the less frequent drops personally, you can only send private and secret links (the so-called sievewhich – which You must be respected set of strict rules) or choose to make a movie available in the Academy’s screening room.

In addition to the objective convenience of having several movies available all in the same place, on top of the effectively updated app that is now also available for iOS devices, the Academy Screening Room appears to have played an important role in supporting, and perhaps even encouraging, the relative internationalization of the Academy Awards. . Signs of this appeared in a victory two years ago parasite And in fact, one of the films that got at least two nominations this year is Spanish Madris Parallas (Soundtrack, Penelope Cruz as lead actress) Japanese driving my car (Nominated for Best Film, Best International Film, Best Non-Original Screenplay, and Best Director) and Norwegian The worst person in the world (Nominated for screenplay as well as for Best International Film).

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They are films that would only have been able to define and appreciate themselves through Hollywood screenings and which, without the Academy’s screening room, would have risked being little known, and therefore not a candidate. Then there’s the fact that the academy itself has become more global in recent years: now it has more and more members living around the world, not just in Los Angeles, and this year the electorate has been members from over 80 different members. Countries.

In addition to foreign films, theAcademy showroom Looks like he’s proven important – second diverse Even a ‘blessing’ – even for films that often have more problems identifying and watching themselves, such as shorts or documentaries (not to mention short documentaries).

In the Academy’s screening room there is a category for feature films that are intended to be nominated for most of the categories of the Academy Awards: called “for consideration.” In order for your film to be accepted, you must Pay $12,500 and stick to some rules. There are also special categories to watch anime, documentaries and short films, which you do not have to pay instead to appear on the platform. So, in recent weeks, a member of the Academy has been able to sit down on the sofa one evening and spend a few hours watching and evaluating short films before the Oscars, which until a few years ago were much more difficult, and perhaps they’ve only gotten a few members interested truly.

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